This mod I will do from tomorrow, this is Wolfrestein contains 2 levels of Doom 2 level 31 and 32, contains new original music of doom 2, new skins and much more ... This mod opens Feb. 08 of this year.

madwolf8804 says

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As a former Wolf3d modder, I'm VERY disappointed in this. I expected a WolfenDoom-like experience as it's called "Wolfenstein 3D in Doom 3" yet there's no Wolf3d textures, no enemies from Wolf3d, no weapon remodelling, BJ Blazkowicz (the playable character from Wolf3d) isn't even on the statusbar!

From what I've played, these are the 2 secret levels from Doom II WITHOUT those Hi-Res textures made specially for the secret levels. This is very misleading and I recommend NOT PLAYING THIS.

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