I have ported the Wolfenstein missions to DOOM II, creating what is essentially an improved and updated Wolfenstein. Each scenario is painstakingly recreated as a DOOM II WAD, complete with all the Wolfenstein textures, objects, sounds, and enemies. The result is a total conversion.

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Wolfenstein yess


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I wanted to like Wolfendoom. Don't get me wrong, it makes Wolfenstein look fantastic on the doom engine. It plays well too. The glaring problem is the difficulty. It is too easy. When playing on the highest difficulty enemies do as little damage as they do on the other difficulties and because there are more enemies and the SS Guards only drop 3 ammo you are literally forced to use your knife to conserve ammo. Not fun or challenging. If you were looking for a pretty Wolfenstein with the same challenge you will have to look elsewhere. It is a real shame.

i just have to say this website has a great community even though i only download mods for doom.keep up the great work everyone


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