The Mod Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition is designed for german version of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl". Ingame text of all new content is in german language. German SoC-Version with patch 1.006 is highly recommended for installation of the mod. Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition ist eine Modifikation für das PC-Spiel "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl". Die Modifikation wurde über mehrere Jahre hinweg kontinuirlich weiterentwickelt und ist heute zu einer grossen und spannenden Mod-Kompilation für SoC geworden.

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Just in time, on December the 20th. 2015, I released my "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl" Modification - Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition with Open Beta Test status. I wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Stalkers!

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Just in time, on December the 20th. 2015, I released my "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl"-Modification - Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition as Open Beta Test.

List of changes compared with my previos mod "Soljanka" Final 2013 (without any
claim to completeness):

- New storyline that enhances and greatly expands the original Story of "Soljanka".
- 4 new locations, completely integrated into the new Story.
- about 70 new Quests of the new storyline.
- Thanks to CrommCruac's and Vandrerer's work, all original Stalker locations has been edited to have better looking vegetation.
- New mutants. Also new forms of already known mutants.
- Altered some side missions (bring and find missions).
- 2 new NPC-Factions.
- Revised Ambient-Sounds inside Agroprom-Underground and Sarcophagus.
- Revised lightning inside Agroprom-Underground.
- Many new and unique Items.

List of changes compared with my first "Soljanka" from 2008 (without any claim to completeness):

- Converted to Patch 1.006. R2-Rendering got enhanced.
- Many small technical errors got fixed, among other things on the engine level.
- Many old Quests of the "Soljanka" Final got changed.
- Many new NPC-Models got included.
- New and improved old AI-Expansions such as NPC-Sleep and more.
- Overhauled backpack-management (weight and volume), much more accurate and stable.
- New system of Weapon and Armor repair.
- Magazine system for weapons.
- Night vision goggles as unique items.
- Overhauled spawn system for artefacts.
- Absolut new weather (has got nothing to do with Final-Weather).
- Many new ambient-sound expansions.
- Due to Engine-Reengineering and new Shaders completly new graphical enhancement, such as Advanced texture sharpness, Actor-Shadow complete with weapons shadow by using R2-Rendering, possibility of changing the FOV directly per engine, grass-presentation up to 400 meter and more, enhanced grass-density, Bloodmarks, Grass-Shadow, Soft particles, soft water, screen space ambient occlusion, Micro-Bumpmaps, Sun rays with dust particles and and and.

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