The Wizards' Islands are an undetermined number of islands having own unique storylines, and related through a main story. They will be released in separate chapters, starting with the cold Island of Winter. The questing and plotline interactions bear more resemblance to Black Isle games than the crude generic dialogue of Morrowind, with custom dialogue for all NPCs. The Winter Island is larger than Solstheim, including dense forest, immense mountains, frozen lake, a pair of large towns with unique architecture & much more, including epic architecture, like cathedrals & castles, and over 100 interior cells, without counting dungeons (only town and misc.) Many dungeons, and the size of them can go up to 15 cells each, darker and harder than the ones in Morrowind. Some of them will take days to finish, and use customised tilesets to create gigantic ice caves and massive descents into the earth. The Winter Island holds a rich and vast history dating back 3 millenia..

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intelli: OK, I thought I'd get off my ass an post about our status. Main Story Plot: Not much to say about this one, it's big, epic and rather lovely. And we're not telling you about it. Side Plots: With the recruitement of Shadowmourne, side plots are getting a rapid expansion. Expect all kinds of

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OK, I thought I'd get off my ass an post about our status.

Main Story Plot:

Not much to say about this one, it's big, epic and rather lovely. And we're not telling you about it.

Side Plots:

With the recruitement of Shadowmourne, side plots are getting a rapid expansion. Expect all kinds of lovelies and plenty to see and do. There are definite trats in store for those of you who pore through lore books (as you should). Indeed, the Winter Island's magics work can work in mysterious ways. On that note....

Lore Books:

Yes yes, lore books aplomb. Again Shadowmourne is compiling books at a great rate and constantly expanding the now rich history of the Winter Island, which now stretches of 3 millenia and 5 ages. The lore books are an integral part of the game, and some have more significane than mere information. Expect the great library to be filled with literature for your persual from the finest scholards of the Winter Island.


Well, there isn't much that you haven't seen - it's vast and drop dead gorgeous. But we still have some suprises for you


We're now approaching the final leg of the Interiors section, with some modelling required to match certain wonderful exteriors.


Well, it's practically done, although over the last few weeks, with people reaching the summer season of goodness and free time, and new blood being drafted in there are a lot of new ideas expanding on the work already done. So we're now at 110% out of 120%


Well, I'm glad to say that the monsters are all starting to come in now -there's a *lot* in development, and a good few are in the 'nearly finished' stage, with a bunch waiting in the wings. Most of the actual modelling as such is done however.

Weapon Models:

Yup, 90% seems pretty accurate, theres some uniques still to come in with some very cool powers, and Marksman Mod has been incorporated in it's near entirity, giving WI a vast stock of such weapons to make Vvardenfell's seem pitiful.

Armor Models:

Still in progress, there is however some real treats in store for you to make plain old Adamantium seem soooooooo passe.


Yes yes, lots of these have you shall. The force is strong with Shadowmourne, say many. Either that, or scared of Master Intelli's wrath is he.


Well, you've seen 10 of my unique faces in the SS topic - expect another couple packs of them, and with our fresh new blood and Xill fully focused, development is a go go.


Yay for music. The soundtrack currently clocks in at 115 minutes, with about 10 tracks to go. Not long now. Expect a fully dynamic soundtrack with regional, incidental, condition defined, time defined and unique specifice battle music.


Well, the monsters so far sound nice - obviously they have to be finished before I can sound the rest of them. Ambient sounds are mostly compiled and ready to be dropped into the regions later in development.


Unique spells are a go, there's a load of lovely scrolls for your perusal, some seriously powerful unique spells (and I mean *seriously* powerful), some classic spells we all know and love and some lovely lovely new summon spells.


The WI traits and abilities system is mostly implemented and mostly scripted now, and after some compilation will be fully functional. The system takes Morrowind by the scruff of the neck and kicks it until it allows your character to finally have more individual abilities - something like the SPECIAL system used in Fallout and Lionheart is a good reference. Amongst the lovelies lie Barbarianism, 3 new casting practices and Bardic skills.

Expect some lovely peeks at some of WIs vast lore and a 3rd and final music demos later in development. In the meantime, enjoy the screenies


Its hard to say, its not becose the progress bar moves slowly that we aint working hard. Its just we always want to add more and more...

I think with about 20-30 more npcs and 1-2 more journal-scripted quest we will be near beta stage.


Done :

- Over 180 landscape cells (i doubt that ill make more-unless we do some WI addons)
- Over 200 interior cells (i would say 75% is done, including quests)
- Exacly 67 Npcs are mostly done, some say a lot of things, others not much (like real life)...
- Music is about 90% done and is freaking awesome, makes the mood right specialy with intelli's arrangments of Dagerfall music .
- I have to make more shop for all the weapons weve got...
- We are finaly starting to have some nice creatures. but this is about 40% done, we need to make more.
- The story-relating the quest is the main thing weve gotta pull of, while we got the grandiose idea about it, we still avent figured out how all the main quests qill be related, and in wich order they will have to be done. Becose - we want WI to be more linear than morrowind (you can still run around the map) - its hard to make a good story.
- We also have bunch of new spells-traps-secret stuffs- that youll be able to use in vanderfell after. I think this is like 50% done.

Any questions?

Later! Cant wait to release this.

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