Witcher: Total War is (or will be) a total conversion mod of the Medieval 2 Total War. The mod will let you play as your favourite factions from both the Witcher books, games and comics (and soon to be released Netflix series), taking heavy inspiration from all mediums, featuring very recognisable characters and settlements. Right now progress is slow, but people are very welcome to send me a message requesting to join the 'team' - anyone with 3D expertise, scripting, artists, even voice actors for the units would be welcome! Also if anyone has any questions, please pop them in the comments and I'll get to answering whenever I can. :)

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The first of many developer diaries from the modding team behind the Witcher: Total War.

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Hello and welcome to the first of many ‘developer diaries’ from the modding team behind the Witcher: Total War. These posts will be a place to share what has been going on with the mod; showing what progress we’ve made, share our future plans, and as a place to discuss ideas as we go ahead with the project. These posts will be posted on 13th of a month, but we cannot guarantee that these will be every month as some months we may have nothing to share (or stuff we’d wanna keep a secret), but we will aim for them be out on the 13th.

Please acknowledge that due to the Christmas period, jobs and school have been demanding a lot of our attention so progress has been slow, but rest assured, when the new year rolls around things will pick up and we’ll have more to show in future updates.

So… What has been done? The quickest way to sum up what we’ve been up to is: visuals. Our resident mapper Quelmmerney has been hard at work… Well… Mapping. Our modeller morgothislordofall has begun on modelling unique settlement models for the strat map. And I have been working on other visuals, UI and faction symbols for example as well as a few others. (And bug fixing… A lot of bug fixing… Med2 is a picky beast.) Who would like to see some screenshots of the Velen and Novigrad map? Please be aware that everything you see is still in the early stages.

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And here’s some more with an up close look at the banners along with each faction’s icon.

20191212015032 120191212015049 120191212015059 1

And here are a couple early shots of Crow’s Perch being made as a strat map model:

unknownunknown 1

Now we go onto the plans and ideas section (applause.) Many of you may or may not know that we intend to start small with the mod and will be beginning with the Velen and Novigrad map along with three factions: Redania, the Nilfgaardian Empire and Novigrad. Once we have those three created and sorted we will then release it essentially as a ‘demo.’ We will then experiment with adding three other factions to the V/N map; see if the map gets overcrowded with six factions or if it works. Once we’re happy with the V/N campaign we’ll move onto the Northern Realms map which will have 20 factions, and once we’re happy with that we’ll move onto the Grand Campaign which will be the full map with 29 factions. Once the GC is made and the full release is out the NR and V/N campaigns will still be included but as ‘secondary campaigns’ so they will still be playable.

Ideas… There are a lot of them…

  • The rosters for the first three factions are pretty much set and the rosters for the other three are in their first draft stage.
  • We of course plan to use a lot of settlement-based units; like in the V/N campaign any faction who takes Crow’s Perch will be able to recruit units like ‘Crow’s Perch Guard’ – and we’ve got a bunch of units like that in mind.
  • In the GC, all factions considered a vassal to Nilfgaard will begin the game as a vassal to ‘the Nilfgaardian Empire’ and as long as they’re a vassal they will be able to train imperial units, but break that and you’ll lose the ability to train them.
  • There will be a garrison script, BUT the units generated will be very basic peasant units (probably 1 attack 1 defence), and the amount will be dependent on the settlement size: villages will get one unit, towns will get two, large towns will get three, and so on.


Q: What will be the starting dates?
A: For the Velen and Novigrad campaign the start date will be 1272. For the Grand Campaign: 1269.

Q: How will events in the Witcher games work in the mod? Different endings, etc.
A: The V/N campaign: You kinda decide who wins the Third Northern War as you play, and the GC will be set before the events of the Witcher games so essentially players will create their own story for the world. Other events will appear like regular events in vanilla. For example an event will come up around the same time Geralt ‘mysteriously’ appears at Kaer Morhen in the Witcher 1.

Q: How many factions are planned? Which factions are they? What Cultures will they have/be?
A: We plan to use all 30 playable factions but only have 29 factions confirmed, plus it is hardcoded in Med 2 that there can only be 7 cultures. The factions and cultures are:

Northern Realms:
1. Aedirn
2. Cidaris
3. Free Pontar State
4. Hengfors League
5. Kaedwen
6. Kerack
7. Kovir and Poviss
8. Lyria and Rivia
9. Novigrad
10. Order of the Flaming Rose
11. Redania
12. Temeria
13. Verden

Southern Realms:
1. Cintra
2. Ebbing
3. Etolia
4. Gemmera
5. Gheso
6. Metinna
7. Nazair
8. The Nilfgaardian Empire
9. Toussaint
10. Vicovaro

1. Mahakam

1. Clans of Skellige

Aen Seidhe:
1. Dol Blathanna
2. Scoia’tael

Aen Elle:
1. Wild Hunt

1. Ofir

Q: How many regions will be in the GC?
A: We plan to do 199 regions as that’s the hardcoded limit.

Q: Do you plan on using the CDPR map or any others?
A: We’re using the CDPR map as a base (how the shoreline looks, where mountains are, major rivers, etc), but using official map descriptions of where settlements/regions/minor rivers are.

Q: Will you be using Gwent as inspiration and using the art?
A: Yes and yes! Most of the units that have been proposed have been based of Gwent cards and just general units from the games (Witch Hunters for example), and art has already been used as loading screens, but some can also be used for event pictures in the future.

Q: How will monsters be implemented in the game? Will they be units?
A: Monsters won’t be units as it would be weird to see werewolves and ghouls march together. We however have a script in mind that would have monsters be included in the mod.

Q: Will Witchers be implemented in any way?
A: Witchers will be implemented in two ways: one being a unit (we plan to have six different Witcher types, one for each school), and the other way would relate to the monster script.

Q: Do you take inspiration from any other mods?
A: Absolutely! These mods include: Divide and Conquer, the Elder Scrolls: Total War, Stainless Steel and Beginning of the End Times.

Q: Is there an estimated release date of any sort?
A: I’m afraid not. There are three of us, all of which have school and/or jobs, plus we wanna take our time on this as it’s a passion project, not a job.

Q: Can we help in any way?
A: Absolutely! Suggestions are always welcome, we’d be happy to discuss ideas down in the comment section or message me either on Moddb or over on Discord: JasperKnowsYou #3986. Also, if you have any modding expertise and would be willing to lend a hand so this project can be released much sooner, please message me as mentioned before. We especially could use a scripter as none of us have ever done that before…

JasperKnowsYou Author

Just a lil info: I put this up intending for it to be out for the 13th and didn't know articles would have to be authorised so it came out late! Noted for next time!

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Not late in the USA ;)

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I might have a suggestion for the 30th faction. either Zerikania or Haak, and that they would start as a "horde"/expedition force in the Korathi dessert.

also this: I.redd.it is quite a detailed map of the Continent. even including areas that CDprojektred didnt really detail or specify. it has locations of both the games and the books.

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JasperKnowsYou Author

I did think of Zerrikania being the possible 30th faction, but we more wanna leave the slot open so if any future Witcher game or book adds a new faction, we've got a slot ready for it... If W4 takes place in Zerrikania then it'd be a welcome addition!

Ah yeah that map! We have begun on our own version of the map and I've scoured the wiki extensively for settlements!

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What do you think about "rebel settlements" which are occupied by monsters? Will you ad magic and wizzards and how will they work?
And the GC starts after the second nilfgaardian war?
Sorry for all this questions but i've dreamed of a mod like this for so long

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JasperKnowsYou Author

1. We'd probably just have peasants or bandits occupy them!
2. We will add them, and they'll work like they do in other mods like the Elder Scrolls Total War!
3. It does, I chose 1269 as it's a time of peace and not much is going on, we know the leaders of each faction at this point, etc!

It's perfectly alright, I'm happy to answer questions! :)

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Thank you verry much:D
When will the northern kingdoms campaign start? At the second nilfgaardian war?

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JasperKnowsYou Author

I'd say probably also 1269 so Nilfgaard would hold Cintra, and have Cintra as it's 'capital' for that campaign!

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very very lovely

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Keep up the good work lads! :)

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