Wilson Chronicles is a total Source conversion of Half-Life Wilson Chronicles.

metroid13 says

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A fairly decent experience that recalls a lot of the pulse-pounding adrenaline of the original Half-Life. The maps look beautiful, albeit terribly designed from a gameplay perspective (unless I'm just an idiot, you'll spend a lot of time hunting around for doors that'll work. Expect to press "E" a lot.)

Story is thin as thin gets. You are man. You work at Black Mesa. You get HEV suit. You get gun. You shoot soldiers and aliens. Rinse, repeat. Dialogue is clumsily recycled from HL2 in a way that would have been excusable during the early days of modding for this game, but now just comes across as lazy and incompetent.

The penultimate map (a clerverly redesigned version of the Hazard Course from the original HL) fails to link up properly with the last map, which itself is a tonally inappropriate gun battle against hordes of soldiers. It's a masterstroke in losing player confidence, and I was rolling my eyes as the "to be continued" blurb flashed across the screen, as if I should be waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of this shoot-man chronicle.

I'm honestly not sure what compels mod makers (and hell, even studio developers) these days to release buggy, half-finished products. Is it a lack of discipline? A need to drum up hype among players? Why even release this as a beta when they could have had a slam dunk with more fine tuning and patience?

Anyway, all of this may seem to contradict my assertion at the top that this is a decent experience, but I'm going to hold myself to that. The gun fights are solid, the difficulty is appropriately slanted against you (at least on hard mode,) every gun you hold feels solid, just waiting to spit hot lead into aliens or soldiers, and the map aesthetics successfully recall the Black Mesa of old - aside from a few rather baffling anachronisms and pop culture references. I'm lookin' at you, Little Big Planet dolls.

It's just... kinda disappointing, in the end. But hell, for the low-low price of free you can do a helluva lot worse than this. My humble recommendation is that you wait until this is actually finished before playing, but you wouldn't be wasting your time if you played it now.

Still, give 'em a few months, I say.

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As I played the first beta (with the last level not fully functional), I must say that I was disappointed. I won't take the bugs in consideration, but the main problem is that it was pretty lacking "life" in this recreation of Black Mesa... After the resonance cascade, you encounter 2 guards still alive and that's it. No plot, nothing, just you fleeing through BM and its creatures... Of course, we can only acknowledge the amount of work put here to recreate another BM, but unfortunately it will…

Aug 30 2015 by DarkShift