Modern Warfare Mod brings World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. It also ups the ante on realism and authenticity in every role – Infantry, Armor, Support and Air, while trying our best to keep everything relatively balanced for fun and interesting gameplay.

ponokasanto says

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well did read the review section most of people were amaze how complicated the system was from basic like how to use an agm, jtac to how the SAM work PGM ABT TBM and some well either hater or just balance issue which was too dumb to realize who would play a fair fight in real war and decide to score the mod lower than it should be (people shut up and plz read the freaking manual cuz this is not going to be some funny game like the old WIC but rather a simulation )

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i love the smell of conflict in the morning!

Feb 8 2012 by nghiamap