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Mar 15 2012 Anchor

When I first had a glimpse of F-22A Raptor in the battlefield, I was so thrilled, and I was certain I can smash all the aircrafts with it, as long as it doesn't get shot down by S-27, but now I'm not so certain about it.
You know, they only reacts when JTAC paint that laser to choppers or cruise missiles(not certain about this, because I've never been so fast to react to cruise missiles), but that is seldom enough. choppers like to hide themselves from their enemies, so I seldom got the sight of them, and more seldom of the condition that a JTAC unit is near enough to paint the mark at the choppers. And when I want to shoot down those CAS firing at our armors, I couldn't because I can't even click them. Aren't they suppose to shoot down aircrafts rather than choppers and cruise missiles?
Also, it seems these CAS aircrafts react to their enemies even when they weren't given orders, if they are within range and sight, but Fighters just circle around doing nothing even when enemy aircrafts bombard our units! I know that they fight other fighters when they are within range, but they should be able to keep other aircrafts away too.
And can Heavy SAMs attack Fighters? I've seen that AAs couldn't reach them, but Heavy SAMs should, because they were made to shoot down aircrafts threatening their forces, you know. If they can't, it seems fitting that you should do something about it, because it sounds weird that a SAM can't track down a fighter and shoot it down.
Thanks for reading my opinion.

And also, JTAC is so easy to kill when they are visible, so they have to hide in the forest to keep them away from harm, but as the battle continues, forest is easily destroyed, leaving nothing for JTAC to keep him alive.
And when that happens, the planes wouldn't be of much use, since it is a waste to send JTAC to the battlefield where it needs air support the most, since they might get killed even before they could reach the destination. You should think about this as well.

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blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Mar 16 2012 Anchor

The reason why F-22/A does not automatically react to enemy air (unless pressed onto by JTAC) is precisely for balancing reasons.

F-22 often snipes at long range from spawn zone with AIM-120C that it makes very hard to play air on Russia side. You'll see what I mean whey you play Russian air and you see missile launch warning as AIM-120s go terminal. So deliberately, we've made it harder for USA team to effectively use F-22 using JTAC, as a matter of balance.

Heavy SAM *does* shoot down airplanes. Try using Heavy SAM as support role and bring them closer to frontline, they will kill lot of aircraft.

The reason why Heavy SAM is not engaging Su-25's in your case, is because frankly, the Heavy SAM is sitting out in the spawn zone and your armor is way out in the front. Even though the aircraft is inside Heavy SAM's firing range, it is outside of its No Escape Zone, thus SAM does not fire. SAM will only fire when probability of kill calculated by the computer exceeds 55%. So, move the Patriot battery closer to the frontline, and you'll see it engaging the enemy aircraft.

JTAC survivability is generally a non-issue as you can also hide in buildings, rocks, etc. But remember that you can also buy JTAC unit from TA for quite cheap, which means you don't have to send them to battle from spawn zone when they die.

Mar 16 2012 Anchor

Thanks for your comment, blahdy. I understood a lot that I didn't before, but there's still more subjects to put.
I understand that F-22/A is quite a devastating thing that you had to do such things, but still you should at least let JTAC unit paint laser mark at CAS units, since it seems pretty weird that you can call for CAP when you're being attacked by choppers but you can't call for CAP for you being bombarded by CAS units.

And what I meant by 'Fighters' was for CAP units, not CAS units. I've seen many CAS units being shot down, both SAMs and AAs, but I don't think I saw any CAP units being shot down by Heavy SAMs. Is it just because their probability to be shot down is under 55% or is it simply because they can't reach CAP units? That's what I wanted to know.

I almost forgot that you can bring JTAC units for TA, so silly of me.

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Oct 17 2012 Anchor

off topic here but what you can control jets ????? some please tell me how i can get them because im confused

Oct 22 2012 Anchor

No you can´t control them ! You can only send CAS/CAP requests and the AI will send a Jet to your assistance

Nov 23 2012 Anchor

Russian Air Forces received first two new two-seat fighters - Su-30SM

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