A singleplayer mod for Ep2 using Exciting New Gameplay Mechanic. In it, you do the usual manshooting, but you also get to play coop with yourself! Or at least, with your clone. ******** From the designer of Mission Improbable part 1 and part 2.

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Short and sweet.


It's bad. It's too short, bland, gameplay is weak, this is very low level modding.
Furthermore, the title and teasing are misleading, there is no intro, no story, nothing.


Pretty nifty single player map, pity the time recording mechanic wasn't used at least one more time, would've been nice. As usual all your maps have soul.

This was a very good mod, i recognize it's hard to please an audience in such short amount of time but it seems like you guys could handle it, the environments were more than decent, i like the observatory idea and those misty hills were the perfect stage for an abandoned experimentation lab. Zombie fights were okay but could be better, should have appealed more to the "scary" feeling while clearing up the area, maybe more mistery and tension elements that preceded the clone puzzles and the combine run-n'-shoot, have you considered using traps? i mean, some destined to zombies but that could injure you as well, trapdors with spikes would be nice, how about barricades? i mean, it's a important area that's getting infested, someone must have tried to deffend it before abandoning the place. Once you get done with the zombies you start to experiment with the energy conducting thing, boy that device was trippy and it has a nice logic foundation as well (i mean it's an actual useful apparatus) however it bugs when you save the game at that point and then loads it again, not a very big issue, just a ghost crowbar that dissapeared after you get the real on. Combine fights were like "OK", manhacks, grunts and elites, the perfect squad for a takeover, no annoyng gunships and striders although some hunters might fit in the context. BIG BADASS BOOM at the end with a view of the destruction you caused (nice scene by the way)and that was it, pretty joyful experience.


NeoKabuto says

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It's an interesting concept, but the length of the mod doesn't do it justice. We're treated to two puzzles using the idea before everything changes to generic HL2 combat. The map is really well designed (as expected, MI had really nice mapping too), but there's not much progression to the combat or the puzzles. You fight a few zombies, then solve the puzzles, then you're back to fighting an army of Combine soldiers with manhacks. I was expecting more exploration and puzzle solving mixed in with the combat (imagine using the electrified floors to electrocute enemies), but it plays like two totally different mods that you switch between for a short while.

While very short, it's fun, engaging and very well paced. Give it a go on a rainy afternoon :)


Excellent level design, and the puzzles were interesting. My only gripe is that it's so damn short. I would love a couple of hours worth of this.

A wonderful little mod with the only downside being that it ended way too soon.

This mod was a short but an amazing experience..
Level design is superb, the few puzzles are clever.
More mods of this kind, please!

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Short and sweet.

Nov 14 2011 by dafatcat