A story about one man, who bought deceased viking warrior's estate. He lived there until something went badly wrong... A full-conversion mod to Amnesia - The Dark Descent

TheUnbeholden says

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+Probably one of the better Custom stories, the levels where of a strange bigger darker passageways. Not much ground floor castle areas though which I suppose is refreshing.
+Some weird ideas, like valhalla, valkyries, machinery that keeps them at bay, and a haunted place. A new enemy, and a non-static shadow enemy.
+Some weapons around the place, nice touch. Candle instead of lantern. Nice.

-Some of the new textures aren't great but that ain't no biggie.
-Some weird *** shoe horned in exposition from some Russian sounding guy in a steam bath. Honestly it was bad. He talks about some place where theres machinery, people getting killed.. how could that relate to the specific place your in. The name was not mentioned and the stuff he said was so vague...
-Alot missed opportunities for scares, its like he has a grasp of horror.. for not using jump scares, not cheaply anyway, but then clumsily puts in the enemy where ever.

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Loving the items, it was a great experience :)

Apr 27 2013 by SovietMentality