A puzzle-focused custom story with an interesting story and atmosphere.

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This tech demo alone is better than most amnesia mods.

Your puzzles are challenging but unlike most amnesia mods it was fun trying to figure them out and it was quite satisfying to actually solve them. Most amnesia mod puzzles are enough challenging but not in a good way, more of a "what's the point/rage inducing" type.

Overall I enjoyed my time with the tech demo and hope that the full version comes out soon.



TroHea says

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Unique, really fun, surprising so often...
I really enjoyed your mod! It's so solid I just can't give you a worse rating than 10/10 even though it was quite short. Would've liked to play more! So much more!

I hope I can see more of you in the future. =D

Lots of love.

very good, creative and something out of the ordinary. appreciate the effort into it, the custom assets and puzzles were well made. It could have been a bit harder and more life threatening. Also the story didn't unfold that much, while having the potential to do so. Some music in areas could have set the atmosphere up a lot better, but i still enjoyed this mod a lot. big up for the optional parts too! 9/10, very good :)


HumiliatoR says

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I loved this one, it's so unique with new elements and style! First I was confused how everything works, but after trying couple times, I learned it so quickly and loved every second of it, breath of fresh air on puzzling!

I was sad when It ended, I wish it was much longer, because this mod got so much potential it's just stunning.


- New element
- Unique
- Puzzling is fun
- Environment and twist plots


- Nothing really, just little bit longer (optional wish)

I need more of these, so that's why I didn't yet rated 10, it's near perfection whats comes to puzzling, maybe little more ideas what you can make still, but overall it's awesome and unique and take's the Amnesia puzzling whole new level. Everyone should try this!

Thank you for making this, it's stunning mod!

9/10 - Breath of fresh air and must play

Story is not interesting at all like mod says and also puzzle is repeditive alot. Like it got boring fast because its same thing only some small variations. It looks like good mod but is not very interesting and is boring after awhile.

Neat new puzzles and mechanics.

Happy Amnesia Anniversary!


Very technical mod!
Never seen this type of implementation in Amnesia.
Really unique.
Focused on puzzles not in the scary.
A bit hard in some parts, but really enjoyable.

Very Spoopy!


Hollowinside says

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If you don't want to be spoiled about anything that the mod has to offer then simply click away!

Back when I originally wrote my first review about this mod, it was still a DEMO. Now that it's out, let's take a deeper, more complete look into it (in short);

‚ÄčIt's an amazing mod. You could take a look at this mod from many angles and different perspectives, and I'm pretty sure you'd still come to the conclusion that it is a really well-rounded and well-made custom story. In this mod, we are introduced to some new mechanics and puzzles which go hand-in-hand with some amazing scripting. There are lots of original ideas to be seen here, ranging from solving puzzles to building tension and encountering enemies and/or unsettling events, just to name a few. Almost every event is accompanied by eerie music which gives more "gravity" to said situations, making you feel uneasy as you progress deeper and deeper into whatever the Mistress has in store for you. Some new objects and entities here make both the atmosphere and the ambiance feel more complete, while others add a slight comedic effect (I guess it's safe to call some of them easter eggs?). There are also a few jumpscares, all of which are quite well placed, and a new enemy that will stop at nothing to get in your way and hinder your progress. Voice acting is present here, done by Spelos himself, and it is quite good honestly. It didn't feel out of place, and I believe Spelos manages to capture the desperation in our character's feelings remarkably as he is supposed to be a prisoner who's willing to go all-in into the mouth of the unknown in order for a shot at life to save himself. The added Achievements feature is there as well, providing some replayability to to the mod. A potentially good story/plotline is here to be discovered, though it kinda leaves us in the dark for the time being. I know that there's going to be a sequel though, and I hope that many of the questions this mod leaves us with are going to be answered there in time.

And that's it. All of these elements make for a pretty good and scary mod.

A 10/10! Good job!

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