In the early 90s.. After the promotion of inspector Herbert Willson he got informed about the mysterious case in the old Library hidden deep in the forest. The case involved few dissapearences of local tourists that had visited the library. Nothing was ever found in there until Herbert discovered the whole untold story behind the mysterious dissapearences.. From Creator - Hello :D This is my first collaboration with the almighty Kaernk/Krusti Clawn :3 Give it a proper review and set your sanity ready.

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Nice mapping aside, the puzzles that forced me to watch the walkthrough video over and over again really did let this one down

I just finished it it sure was hard but fun to play great custom story :3


HumiliatoR says

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Great mod, at first I was little annoyed, because I didn't get that much clue to find stuff. I like challenges in puzzles, but I really wanted find stuff much easier. I was lost too many times and because lack of oil, I get frustrated easily because I can't locate every item.

Story is good and make's sense most of the time and I enjoyed decent map desing as well.

Scares are pretty good, but I still wanted more unique scares, couple jumpscares here and there are fine, but some script events are unpredictable. I loved library area, but slow movements and progressing room to room are sometimes pretty depressing to actually enjoy the gameplay. TBH I hated first act, because sometimes it was sloppy to proceed, after that act, I enjoyed pretty much everything and was less annoyed.

I got lag always at the library area, pretty weird thing and faced couple game-breaking bugs which you should definitely fix. Example. I can grab all the closet keys, without opening them, some enemies are bugged and I was one time stuck at study 3rd floor, because monster jammed me on that little room.

Overall ending was great and overall design is really decent and enjoyable with new scripting events and unique things at times.


- Monster encounters
- Puzzles
- Design
- Story
- Lenght


- Game breaking bugs
- Hard to find all the relics
- Item placements
- Boring when you get stuck

This mod is playable after fixing those bugs of course and journey will suck you in immediately. Not Krusti's best work, but definitely good and scary journey to enjoy after midnight.

7/10 - Decent thrill ride

great custom story, and the return of your custom stories ;) i like the new custom monters. the alexander and flying demon.continue like that.

10/10 :DDD

I don't understand how anyone can give this custom story a low rating. This custom story is unique and unlike any other. Excellent story line, exceptional map design, original and very challenging puzzles and finally, it's lengthy. Let's sum up pros and cons of this custom story.

+ exceptional level design, actually one of the best I've seen so far
+ original and challenging puzzles
+ long gameplay time
+ amazing atmosphere
+ good story
+ walkthrough is available at the mod's website (extremely useful)

- oil is rare (I suggest playing in a dark or shady room, or in a room with the blinds down)
- the monster in the west wing is very annoying (the map that connects to the library)

The only bad thing about this custom story is the monster in the west wing. It respawns every time the player dies. With all the doors smashed, it creates a challenge to get to the upper (or the lower) floor, and I don't even mention trying to solve a puzzle with the monster chasing you. If you make another custom story - do not create this situation again. It ruins the entire map.
Another thing I didn't quite like was the rarity of oil. I don't criticize it, though, it's the way you decided to have it in your custom story. Although, with all the challenging puzzles around, it would be nice to have more oil.

In general, you did an amazing job creating this custom story, and I'll make sure to play another one of your custom stories, if you make a new one.


I didnt like your game.Not only were there annoying puzzles but maps were huge with no point as well.



at first i wasn't into this mod much. i didn't like the story writing at all, most of the places didn't fit the timeline it was put into, notes were kinda off sometimes, but as i've witnessed more and more creative events and nice level design elements and puzzles, i started liking it. by the end, aside from a few unnecessarily hidden puzzle elements and annoying monster behaviours, this mod was pretty decent! neat optional content as well, the whole thing was kinda atmospheric too. a bit too much tinderboxes, but you really had use for them at least in this mod. i didn't like the ending parts too much, but thankfully there were possibilities about it! nice job, especially as a first one for one of the authors :)

Can't really enjoy it much if I have to go back and forth to the walkthrough. Without it, it would of been near impossible to figure out how to get the good ending on one's own.


TroHea says

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Overall this custom story was really great and it really had some original ideas. But sometimes places were shown I would've liked to see. But that's not that bad.

Didn't find any bugs and had a lot of fun playing this cs. The only thing that did annoy me was that some monsters were stuck and weren't a problem at all (also the idea with the ghost could've been used much better). You need to make the chains hanging from the ceilign non-solid.

Well had nothing to write here really since this was a really great cs. But just saying I actually wanted to go for 10/10 but the ending was ruining it a bit. But I also won't give you a 9/10 because of the cheeky note you have written.

That was unecessary.
//EDIT: After a conversation I changed my mind. But I would keep something like that out because others could also take it too seriously. ^^

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