The one and only demon mod for mount and blade: with fire and sword. Complete multiplayer overhaul with a redesigned captain co-op mode

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Perfect game for those who like Captain Co-op.

I can say that it was one of the best Multiplayer mod I've played! Best mod ever for WFAS, it is the one and only demon mod

Bad Idea is now working on Full Invasion 2. Stay tuned folks! Bad Idea is the ultimate asian-coder

Hell spawns is so epic, the amount of detail Bad Idea put into this mod is so remarkable, the enemies, the epicness, you must try this mod, i am all for it!

I will surely come back to slice more minotaurs, demons and other monsters!


A brilliant mod with a dedicated modder behind it who is has such a masterful way with code.

This mode is nice for Captain Co-op. : )

Best WFaS mod there is, please release more content in the future!


Amazing rpg look


ngeaaa says

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Smoke meth, hail Satan


Great MP Coop Mod for WFaS
Great total conversion of the mode
Excellent item variation


H96 says

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well done work! I´m very disappointed that you stopped working on it, because it has a lot of potential to become one of the best modules in Mount&Blade; With Fire and Sword!


really fun yes

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