From the depths a light shall rise, a star of hope for all the World. As a darkness gathers, it shall stand mighty as the blade, and be the shield that shelters as well as the spear that drives to the heart of evil. Yet, as this light will shine, darkness will slither like a tendril of hate, like a fatal disease, and the star will be its slave. Alas, this is the fate of all things, yet most beautiful cruelty is in the fall of Numenor. This mod will bring you back to the Second Age, before the War of the Ring, when the Dark Lord Sauron sought to corrupt and destroy the hearts of Men which lay bound to the fate of Westernesse and both scatter the loyal Dunedain as well as bending to his will those with weaker hearts or demeanour. With an all-new campaign, two new factions, a specialised purpose-built Living Map for use in the War of the Ring mode, plus new maps to battle over, this truly expansive mod will reinvigorate your Battle for Middle-earth experience like never before!

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Showcasing 3 new structures and a new wallpaper for my favourite fans!

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Those who frequent this page more often may have seen these prior, and I do thank you, and to those that follow this mod but haven't seen these, I thank you also. I love you guys, I really do, and it is you who keep me going, with your support and complimentary words. It means more than anything I've ever felt to have my work so appreciated.

So, yeah, 'nuff with the feels, onto what you actually care about.

First, we've the Barracks, from which Black Numenorean foot soldiers can be trained:

Black Numenorean Structures

Next, probably my second favourite structure apart from the Fortress is the Infernal Fissure, a structure similar in purpose to the Isengard Furnace. It's the resource structure of the Black Numenoreans:

Black Numenorean Structures

Last structure's the main Wall Gate, which takes up three standard segments, and slides vertically downwards to allow units in and out of your settlements:

Black Numenorean Structures

Lastly is a wallpaper in 1920x1080 resolution for your desktops, should you feel so fanatical as I am of Westernesse :)

For those days I'm not in a modding mood.

This looks amazing-I can't wait for the first release! Long live the Westernesse!

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