From the depths a light shall rise, a star of hope for all the World. As a darkness gathers, it shall stand mighty as the blade, and be the shield that shelters as well as the spear that drives to the heart of evil. Yet, as this light will shine, darkness will slither like a tendril of hate, like a fatal disease, and the star will be its slave. Alas, this is the fate of all things, yet most beautiful cruelty is in the fall of Numenor. This mod will bring you back to the Second Age, before the War of the Ring, when the Dark Lord Sauron sought to corrupt and destroy the hearts of Men which lay bound to the fate of Westernesse and both scatter the loyal Dunedain as well as bending to his will those with weaker hearts or demeanour. With an all-new campaign, two new factions, a specialised purpose-built Living Map for use in the War of the Ring mode, plus new maps to battle over, this truly expansive mod will reinvigorate your Battle for Middle-earth experience like never before!

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Eldalondë WIP
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Wait... Eldalondë was known as Eldalondë the Green and was a seaport of Elves. (Its name meant Elf-haven).


In the wiki says that is surrounded by Nísimaldar and Nísimaldar "was noted for its beautiful evergreen and fragrant trees that grew there which the Elves of Tol Eressëa brought out of the West (See: Plants of Númenor). It was also the only place that the golden tree malinornë as well as others of the Mallorn strain."

Why in your mod, it is surrounded by Desert Mountains and why it has palm trees? And its architecture is similiar to the human one.

I did read you wanted to create urban skirmishes and that's a really great idea, but, I would imagine Eldalondë as something like the Grey Havens or Rivendell.

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IreneHawnetyne Author

Eldalondë is indeed the representative of the Elven presence in Númenor, but following Tolkien's almost poetic correlations between the natures of man and the world in which he lives has lead me to, essentially, make Númenor somewhat more dreary even in the brighter places. My original intentions were to build the cities of grandeur that perhaps is referred to most in the Lord of the Rings, but as my understanding has developed, it seems the sickness of the Royalty in Númenor would affect those lands they rule, and their defiance to the Valar would not go unnoticed by them. Not through some sort of vengeance, but perhaps as a sort of sign, would the earths of Númenor dry up, to show that the Shadow was not the way forward, and that the Númenorean dissent was the first step upon the path to Akallabêth.

So I do accept your point entirely, but I think it represents a golden age of Númenor which has faded and degraded.

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