A Modification to the game: Forces of Coruption which will add many units from many different eras of Star Wars all in one era. This mod will also add many features to the game as well.

RSS Weirdness mod update 4-19-2012 [Applications open]

Been a while so let me explain some things. Also exciting news about the future of the mod

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Hi guys. It has been a long time since I have updated the mod. Within confusion, I got a new computer and loaded Eaw Foc. Now I can just work with Xml files since my small hardrive has Empire Total war loaded into it. So now if I can devote time, I can get the mod back going. If things go well, I can release a small beta that only has major Xml changes. So let me explain where we are heading

- New co-leader
Ok so I got a PM that one of my friends would like to take over on the mod. Well since he has better modding skills than me. Plus I have became very inactive due to life and various other reasons. So I am giving him permission to take over if he wishes but I will moniter the progress and make or recommend changes if needed. However looking at this, this is an chance for the mod to pick up pace which is a plus.
Questions about the mod
I know that a lot of people comment on the mod page asking what is the mod about. Well I will explain. Weirdness mod is about an alternate storyline to The Old Republic era and the Galactic Empire era. It will add new characters, new ships, new planets, and more. Some characters that will be included are: Grand Admiral Sizzle, Speeder bike Speeder, General Heins, and more.

Statement By [~DNA~]LT_Avenger:

I would first like to say thanks to Jonathan for letting me take over this mod as the new Co-Leader. I explained in the description above about what this mod will cover. Each fraction will be given many new units. For Example: the rebellion will be given battle droids from the clone wars era, hammerhead class cruisers from the old republic era, soldiers from the old republic era, venaters, and soo much more. When the final version of this mod comes out (V1) we will expand on the mod to create new fractions and include many new features. I dont know how many people are still active in this mod. But right now we need a skinner, modeller, particle editor, and a coder. But thats our temporairy update.

Other Information will be stated in the next update. I plan to lay out more ideas for the mod along with making some of the mod
-Jonathan, mod leader

megavin123 Creator

Hey, you're back :) keep it up bro' :D

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Set_Tainer Author

Thanks I had been busy. Now is time to get to work

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