A Modification to the game: Forces of Coruption which will add many units from many different eras of Star Wars all in one era. This mod will also add many features to the game as well.

RSS Progress Update for Weirdness mod October 27 2011

ok just a quick update concerning the mod and some Q and A from the Comments section

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Hello viewers, this is Jonathan speaking. recently a lot of things have happened that I would like to cover.

- Negative Comments
- Karma Trolls
- Updates
- models
- progress
- Reasoning for slow progress
- Current Contest

Alright we shall begin with the Negative comments =(
-Lately the page has gotten a lot of negative comments concerning that the mod sucks and is unrealistic. Well considering the fact that we have little progress, why are they saying that? To really tell you, I have no clue so I guess we will ask them

Karma trolls =(
-Well another problem (Why the hell are there so many?), we have had many karma trolls giving me negative karma at my comments and positive karma to the Negative comments. WTF I don't see the logic in that. Well moving on.

-Ok so you might be wondering how come I am posting updates so often. Well really I want my fan base to know what we are doing so that no assumptions occur claiming that the mod is dead. Also I like typing so yea there you go

-Alright my friend Shockwave submitted a model that was called a bubble bomber and things didn't go well. I am sorry to say but I do not think that we will use that unless I add it as bonus content but I only do this for the sake of maturity so sorry shockwave.

-Well decent progress is being made but we need more help. However we are achieving decent progress so cheers for that.

Reasoning for slow progress
-Well lately slow progress has happened due to the lack of active modding members and also some things happening in the family that prevent me from modding along with my dad trying to stop me since he thinks that modding will affect my homework grades (which it doesn't). Also on a homework note, math and my essay have prevented me from modding so there you have it

Current contest
- Well I am having a contest to see who can submit the best map. So far only megavin has submitted a maps screenshots so come on. The winner will get a sneak peek at a new map that I am thinking about making and will win critical acclaim.

That's it for this update
-Jonathan Spann

The mod leader Johnyboy1 has been banned due to multiple accounts. I have no idea how he did it or how he got caught. The mod I believe will continue.

By Joleebindo54

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