Hello, I've been thinking off publishing this map and the progress for a week or so and well here it is. We are aware we are using ESF Models for our "Characters" and for a few other things. What Enspired me : Well i was playing Dragonball Z Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 2, and then i wondered what if i started to create my own map of this on Wc3, then i started to think about the map size, the models, the moves, the icons the triggers, and the terrian. Finally i have started to work on collecting up every single dbz model / dbz icon. So far I am at this state (Progress is out bottom) I have posted a topic on creating a trigger for a Transformation trigger, and so far i am thinking using the clicking a spell to transform and probley later on in the updates i'll change to the commands.

Beta 0.4 Screenshots, (view original)

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