Water is a third person puzzle solving adventure type of game with an unique look and gameplay. It's a story about a mermaid, and fish men who aren't fish men. A story that brings you into tears and fears. It's about fish people, harp instruments, swimming, and crazy priests.

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I think that everyone who's interested in HL2 mods should play this one. It's very diffrent to any other mod, there isn't a single one who could be compared with water: third-person, a round based combat system and some other rpg- elements.

If you're tired of the HL2 clones then try water.

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Beautiful piece of art. Art style, from the vibrant colors of the underwater regions to the bleakness of the city to even the small, papercraft looking cutscenes, is amazing. Player models have the same stylized feel. Gameplay is fluid (hahaha, I funny). It takes the Source engine where I haven't seen it go in a long while: the realm of creativity.

Nov 14 2011 by Dr.Doozer