Wasteland Mod features a completed Valley of Mines with nearly all of its original content restored and upgraded to Gothic 2 quality. It adds new locations, but no new or modified story.

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Wasteland Mod 2 is finished and ready to be downloaded. It is released in three language version - PL, ENG & GER. You can also download its resources to make your own mod based on it.

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Welcome to Wasteland Mod site!

As you can see, even though this site has been established just several hours ago, the second version of the mod is already available for you to download in three different languages.

Wasteland Mod #3 Wasteland Mod #3
Wasteland Mod #3 Wasteland Mod #3

That's because the first version of Wasteland Mod, which was an open-beta, was released in February. After that I've been working on a patch for it, which eventually evolved into the second version.

Wasteland Mod 2 ENG
Wasteland Mod 2 ENG

Wasteland Mod 2 GER
Wasteland Mod 2 GER

Wasteland Mod 2 PL
Wasteland Mod 2 PL

Wasteland Mod 2 resources for modders
Wasteland Mod 2 resources for modders

The first version added such new places as:
- Free Mine Camp and terrains around it
- Orc Town
- The entrance to the Old Mine
- Troll's Canyon
- Quentin's Camp
- The area above the Collapsed Mine
- The inside of the Sunken Xardas' Tower
- The whole area behind the Great Orc Palisade, including the Monastery, the Fog Tower, Psionics Camp and the entrance to the Orc Cemetery.

But it lacked many locations which could have been added in the first version without breaking LORE, so I decided to include them and name the new, patched version as "Wasteland Mod 2" instead.

These new locations are:

- Orc Graveyard
- Free Mine
- Goblin's cave between Old Camp and Psionics Camp
- Water Mages chambers and New Camp Inn

Also the second version fixed many issues found in Wasteland Mod Open-beta. They are fixed now.
The full list of most important changes can be seen below:

- Added Goblins' cave between Old Camp and PSI Camp
- Added chambers of Water Mages in New Camp
- Added Inn in New Camp
- Added cave near New Camp
- Added Free Mine
- Added Orc Graveyard
- Updated textures in some new locations
- Added pickable items in some new locations*
- Fixed chests and containers
- Fixed gate in the Monastery
- Fixed Winches/Wheels
- Fixed collisions of old and new vobs
- Added and updated monsters in new locations
- Added a borderline on sea water so you can't get across and fall into the abyss
- Fixed Polish scripts
- Fixed HUMANS.MDS. Now interactive objects such as low beds, fireplaces can work fine**
- Added waynet in Old Camp Prison
- Added new map texture for Valley of Mines
* Pickable items are only to make new locations feel more complete. They are similar to other items found in the Valley of Mines
** Interactive fireplaces are known to be broken in Gothic 2. They are fixed now, but some may not need to use TORCH to lit them. Those will be especially visible in NewWorld.zen and AddonWorld.zen, which were not modified by this mod. Thankfully it's only cosmetic and Gothic 1 suffered from the very same problem.

The second version of this mod was released yesterday, 23 June 2014.


Gothic II was one of my favourite games!

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cool mod!!great job!

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