Warsword is a fantasy mod based on Warhammer fantasy battles game by Games Workshop. This is total conversion of the original Mount & Blade , and it will not work on Warband.

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Its an great game,but there is an bug that ruins the whole game:You can't hit an goblin,dwarf and a skaven,the only way to kill them is to charge with you horse.
But when you do a siege you can't usa an horse so your whoe siege is ruined!!!


This is my favorite M&B mod, It's the only one I still play. I've played this more than TLD and Star War conquest. It's stable if you read the summary and install it properly. Only a a few minor bug and has a great replay value.

i love it and there is a way to make goblins and dwarf hittable u just copy ur mount and blade game folder and put warsword right in it and updates worked for me :D now i can kill some goblins and dwarfs :P
only thing is i cant find much bandits :(

Those models are just awful, this is shame that grim age did fall :( .


Definitively more than neat!
The only thing one has to do is
to set texture and grass detail to
15% and the new fantasy war looks
amazingly original.

This is a good mod, but there's some bugs ruining the game, for example, the dwarven lords and kings are all almost naked. There is also a bug with the text, our character is treating them as female characters.
Well the only thing I find strange is that Orcs are like peacefull, they should attack everyone. Same for the Chaos and all other "bad" people.


Due to the ammount of work and time trying to find fixes to this mod. 8/10

good but i get o sound


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Pretty good mod. I like the character models, although the Ratogres could've had a little more work done on them...

good enough but mucks up with dwarfs and scaven

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its a good idea and game however you cant hit dwarfs or goblins :S

Nov 13 2011 by Adam2213