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Whats been happening, fallout 4 40k? and 1.8 patch notes

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Whats up?


sorry I have been away for so long!! I have been super busy with university (college) and did not have time to work on this mod. however during my last break I put together a huge release which completely overhauls the mod in its current state. These preliminary changes are outlined below, but are subject to change or additions. the main release is virtually finished, just needs some polishing. I have also modded the dlc's, however I have not had time to fully test them.

Fallout 4 Warhammer 40k

I know you have all thought about it!

I would really love to , but whether or not I can do it really depends on how easily Bethesda has made it to port weapons and armour over to that game. if they are using a new skeleton for characters or the power armour modding system is complex, it might not be possible. Re-rigging armour to the new skeleton is unfortunately beyond my abilities at the moment.

I will be putting images and videos onto my youtube and I hope to release this version soon but it really depends on my uni (college) workload. until then please feel free to comment what you think, any ideas I can include in the new release and what else I should change.

until then stay tuned! :)

1.8 Change Log


  • randomised blood pact masks
  • updated raider(fiends) and blood pact weapons
  • Chaos banners
  • fixed several npc's failing to wear armor
  • updated chaos bolter texture
  • randomised bloodpact weapons and armor
  • randomised chaos space marine weapons
  • added several additional chaos patrols


  • tau weapons: pulse rifle, pulse carbine (with working underbarrel grenade launcher), lasgun (guv'essa)
  • tau armor: firewarrior, gu'vessa, ethereal robes and xv25 stealth suit
  • added numerous Tau Patrols


  • added necron weapons
  • added several necron patrols

Imperium of Man

  • added several Inquisition Patrols
  • added several Space Marines patrols
  • added a Terminator patrols
  • grey knights: standard, justicar and terminator armor variants
  • grey knights halberds
  • inquisitor power armor
  • inquisitor robes
  • Kimball is now an Inquisitor
  • retexture arbites armor
  • corrected riot helmet transparency
  • arbites no longer follow house rules and come fully armed and loaded
  • corrected accatran rifle, allowing the use of the underbarrel grenade launcher
  • correctly applied auto gun arbite texture
  • heavily randomised imperial guard and arbites weapons and armor
  • randomised space marine weapons
  • krieg variant of imperial guard


  • stick bombs added to orks
  • fixed repconn orks failing to use weapons
  • correct several nightkin failing to appear as Orks
  • corrected missing ork shoota mesh
  • corrected tabitha npc model


  • eldar now use their swords correctly
  • eldar weapons updated


  • most bloatflys, mole rates and fireants are now tyranids.
  • are far more aggressive


  • changed boones weapon to longlas
  • ed-e is now a tau drone
  • fixed iron sights of most weapons
  • weapon icons updated
  • armor icons updated
  • every item is now available at select vendors, although they are levelled
  • items are levelled and randomised. meaning enemies will have different armor/weapons and conditions every time they are encountered them.
  • added several additional weapons and armor to faction safehouses
  • added lasgun ammo to significantly more containers
  • added ammunition types to the hud
  • craftable and recycleable 19mt and 23mt lasgun packs.
  • bolt rounds now leave casings which can be sold
  • more immersion
  • added lasguns, autoguns and other basic weapons to more mercenaries and guards
  • added several new loading screens
  • updated the repairing of weapons and armor
  • updated the audio cards for all weapons
  • removed obsolete space marine races and perks
  • fixed sergeant contreras incorrectly using sold items
  • isaac has correct weapons and armor
  • veronica now uses a bolt pistol and has sisters of battle armor
  • fixed terminator gloves of space marines, chaos and soul drinkers. they are also compatible with chapter changing
  • corrected terminator helmet for different chapters
  • added warhammer items to lacey at the mojave border outpost
  • clinic guards and kings members now use 40k weapons
  • added auto lasguns to enemies
  • added apothecary npc's to clinic and old mormon fort
  • warhammer creatures should no longer be affected by the "animal friend" perk
  • las weapons are now affected by the "laser commander perk"
  • plasma weapons are now affected by the "plasma spaz perk"
  • added seraphim variant of sister of battle armor
  • improved confidence of several npcs
  • added sister of battle alternate texture
  • Gun Runners Arsennal compatibility
  • various bug fixes
  • various rebalances
  • added starter kit to doc mitchells house, containing basic but randomised items for imperials, tau and chaos.
  • bolter is now extremely powerful, be careful of friendly fire!
  • 4 new bolter ammunition types: Metal Storm, Kraken, Vengeance and Inferno
  • krak grenades can now be purchased for use with your grenade launcher. they have high damage but a low explosive radius. (i am still experimenting with these however)
  • overhauled every warhammer weapons health, value, weight and fire rate
  • overhauled every warhammer armors DT, value, health and weight

Gameplay for V1.8

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