This mod has new Deck Arrangements and adjustments to the great Wargame: Red Dragon. In these 2 x mod files, as with my CoH2 Mod Red Storm Rising, I have adjusted the Deck options to give the NATO player (BLUEFOR) many more options to hold and fight. Same layout across all NATO factions to develop a battle rhythm in heavy action. Few changes to any of the original game settings, other than slowing armored tracked vehicles down, mainly heavy armor speed slower. +50,000 adjustments of Deck options and load outs over a long period. Plane and helicopter loadouts all adjusted, some re-rolled. No new updates will be coming. Released here for pure enjoyment of the community that taught me how to mod, it’s my way of giving back. There is a video on how the pro's used the equipment in this mod. "Vietnam war combat footage (Gimme Shelter Instrumental)" Enjoy, Panzertruppen88

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Pantruppen88's Wargame: Red Dragon OOB Mod

Other Tutorial

FEATURES: Each NATO Category was adjusted to have similar vehicles and weapon systems across all factions so as to be able to operate independently in battle. Great efforts were spent reviewing historical tank acquisitions and skins for all factions (NATO acquisitions up to 2019).

  • Special emphasis was placed on having a Tracked Armored Supply vehicle for ever faction because for better protect passing munitions to the front-line units firing and taking fire.
  • This goes the same for Supply Helicopters, key to resupplying the armored vehicles two tree lines back from the front line.
  • Strong Anti-Tank and Scout Helicopters. (Rocket Pod Mixed Loadouts added).
  • Strong Fixed Wing Air Support (Armored Loiter for Anti-Tank, High Speed Pass Iron, Cluster, Napalm).
  • Strong Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing HARM support.
  • Strong Tank options for ALL factions now.
  • Adjusted unit costs across all Categories to reflect purchase pressure during battle.
  • REDFOR units mostly untouched, for now, as they are very powerful in the AI world.
  • Weapon Systems are designed to be similar for all factions to allow fast choices in the heat of battle.
  • Plenty of tactical options and heavy support to hold and fight with now.

Note: Some of the bit maps for the vehicle may not match mod’s vehicle, I will give an update for that file later. The same might be for some Icons showing supply but is transport.

Special Note: The US faction has a lot of spare vehicles in the Ops Category as that was my work shop. If your Deck only has the HQ Vehicle at the start of a new game, one of the LCU or unit (Any type unit) may not be allow for that faction. Remove the suspect unit from the Deck.

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Wargame Red Dragon OOB Mod

Wargame Red Dragon OOB Mod

Full Version 5 comments

There are the two files to back up your copy and replace with these. For Multiplayer both players must have the 2x Mod files. (Put these 2x files in the...

Panzertruppen88 Creator

Hello Guest,
I didn't see your reply here until now, thank you.
Every Deck has a Dedicated Anti-Tank Squad to make this type of engagement short while in the forest.

(It's the tank's 20mm Cannon Scout vehicle with him that is a major problem for the infantry. AT Helicopter in over watch above makes them both go away.)

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Great mod, but I have a bit of an issue with how weak hidden infantry is vs armored units. From the single player skirmishes I've played, they get annihilated extremely quickly.

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