Warcraft Total War is a total conversion mod for Medieval II Total War. Our goal is to bring the Warcraft universe into a Total War game. This mod will feature epic battles with units from the Warcraft universe and a new campaign that will cover the events of the Third War and beyond.

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New Ahn'Qiraj roster with new Anubiseth Guardians unit! (view original)

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The new Ahn'Qiraj roster!

- I've made the portraits less blurry.

- Entire roster riged and edited by Bantu Chieftain.

- Portraits created entirely by WarcraftHero.

- Roster implemented entirely by me.

The roster, while not as big as the others - are still large enough as the Qiraji like to spam large masses of insectoid Selithid troops against their enemies, while having stronger Qiraji units in the back overseeing and leading the army in lesser numbers.

I could still see some more units in the future.

New Anubiseth Guardians unit riged by Bantu Chieftain, implemented by me today - portrait created by me today.

So - the patch/update is basically ready but i will do some playtesting. Upload tonight and i will state all the fixes and changes. Obviously not that many new models, but a lot of other stuff and important fixing has been done.

Hopefully i get more to implement before the end of august but we never know for sure.