A mod for real combat experience in MoW: Assault Squad (more info DMS forums) Real ranges and penetration tables for all guns and vehicles

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Just awesome.

I do like this mod. The venchiles, skins and other features are awesome. There are just some bugs, but who cares.




eikson says

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Really big improvment to GSM.
Love the new sounds and the enhanced infantry combat!
But there are a few things I would love to see improved:
- I would lower the ranges of tanks and artillery to something like 800 /1000 or even make the ranges depend on the caliber. Of course a range of 2500 is more realistic for most tanks but this doesnt work well on most maps.
- If it is possible I would increase the range at which infantry opens fire because right now you have to manually issue them attack orders otherwise they will only engage at vanilla ranges

to many bugs but it's a good mod




just amazing

Will give 10 if the bugs has been dealt.


Great update.

Muy bueno. Me gusta la municion exclusiva para cada cañón

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Just awesome.

May 1 2012 by Neeker117