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First changed mission, ready for tests. Russian Smolensk Skirmish map. Full list of changes in description.

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It's first mission changed in new style I would like to provide to all missions in game. Smolensk skirmish was very hard on heroic level of difficulty and in some situations even it was a defence skirmish when your only way to survive was to defend your base. Also there were a lot of unrealistic units added to this mission which took place in 1943. The aim was to make this mission a little bit easier on heroic and more realistic.

Enemy reinforcements Smolensk skirmish New Smolensk Skirmish reinforcements

All changes in current version:

  • +11 soldiers at start - one PTRS, one mg, one medic and mp's and mosins for rest
  • +2 ZiS-3 without crews (depending on tests, I will probably remove one)
  • mg changed to Maxim +2 soldiers
  • ZiS-3 changed to ZiS-2 + 2 soldiers
  • Sniper changed to recon squad - 1 sniper, and 2 sturmoviks
  • PTRS infantry with more soldiers - 2 PTRS and 4 support soldiers
  • Ammo Truck with additional miners truck (I'm working to make it as separate units)
  • completely reworked tanks reinforcements - T-70 instead of BA-11, KV-85 instead of T-34/85, Sherman M4A3 instead of T-60, SU-85 instead of SU-100, SU-122 instead of IS-2 and BM-8-24 instead of Katyusha
  • enemy reinforcements reworked: Branderburg instead of paratroopers, PzKpfw III Ausf J without shields instead of PzKpfw II and some other changes, Tiger instead of King Tiger
  • a little more points at the beginning depending on difficulty level - up to 1000 points on easy
  • a little longer timer for Panthera reinforcements
  • some small map corrections
  • different prices for all units - they are much cheaper but all in all the best gun you can have is just 85 mm in KV-85
  • new russian tankman texture
  • new M4A3 texture
  • new Dodge texture
  • small SU-85 texture change
  • new main menu background
  • increased speed of T-34, Sherman, KV-85, SU-85 and 122, Dodge and M3 Halftruck to realistic one
M4A3 and Dodge - Soviet marking

At the moment I'm testing map to check everything and to make it balanced on other difficulty settings - as I think it's too easy right now. After that I will realise map for more public tests before I go for another one.


that good

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Soviet Sherman should be the M4A2, with M4A2E8 like, but different walking device

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