In the land of Pharaohs & famed for the great construction of the Pyramids, Egypt is under the threat of full domination by the evil God, Set. Horus, son of Osiris & worshipper of the God of Light, Ra seeks to stand against Set. With an army, Horus can push Set & his forces out back. Will you aid Egypt to win freedom or will you assist Set in dominating the free lands of Egypt, allowing chaos to spread.

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Arglaxx says

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I expect this to be good when it's finished.


sindragoon says

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Smashfanful says

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This mod could be a lot better. The only new things that are good are:
1) The Sinai Rebellion replace the Kingdom of Rhodok, and the Osharian Kingdom replaces the Sarannid Sultanate... and that's it.
2) You didn't change the ambientation, because it's still the same background models, the same castles as in the original M&B:W.
3) The most advanced units have mantainance costs too high, so I was forced to disband most of them so I couldn't go into bankrupt.
I just hope it goes better in the next update...


XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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needs some work.


Citenmurt says

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