WAH (Warcraft: Alliance and Horde) now released its 2.0 version, it has 4 factions: Alliance, Horde, Burning Legion and Undead Scourge, 30 distinctive heroes and 50+ units. 6 melee maps from Crossroads to Ice Crown for players to fight with each other or AI.

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Miss the old days of WC3?, bring it back with this map for sc2 arcade.
Amazing mapping and well balanced Hero's and units are just the start.

Its not a WC3 clone, its better!


Great mod!


Fantastic stuff! You need to find someone to show this on YT, maybe make some MP replays and such.The only bad thing i can think of, is the glossy shader/texture over most of the stuff, like roofs and buildings, it looks plastic like and feels off tbh(if this is due to high shaders aka due to the engine and cant be changed by you than forget about what i just said).All best to you.

Absolutely amazing mod with huge breath of nostalgia from the Warcraft universe!

Thank you StevenLuo, your hard work is really appreciated by all of us waiting for W4!


The best mod for me congratulations

Good in general but the wowish style sucks and units dont have team color. You should also add the mechanics used for starbow and sc2bw to improve micro and reduce the gay unit clumping. Maybe use Tricerons models from sc2mapster, he made some awesome warcraft unit remakes.


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