VTMB Companion Mod enhances Vampires: The Masquerade Bloodlines by allowing players to recruit party members and traveling companions. Players will also gain the ability to possess their traveling companions, use companion abilities, place companions around their haven in an assortment of animated poses, tell companions to change outfits and embrace select human companions later in the game. Mod includes hundreds of new conversations crafted from the original game's audio and adds support for separately installable companion outfit packs.

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6/10 because it hasn't been updated since it came out pretty much, making it incompatible with a lot of mods. Also, in the Readme file it says don't install any mods before or after, so you're supposed to play only with this mod.


If you have played VMPBloodlines yet this mod unlike the other is for all thoses people who think love is something that acts like a parasite make other vampires bite into it then control them forever


It's good but companions are still often annoying and their AI is still average like for most NPC's. Not the fault of developers. But good that you get the option of telling them to get behind you.
Too bad it's not possible to tell them that in combat!



fantastic mod for a beautiful game


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