Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod ("vaultmp") is a multiplayer mod for the PC versions of Bethesda's award-winning role-playing game Fallout 3

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Here are a handful of the most recent updates from the official vaultmp site: Donations for pizza, Discontinued TES support, bottleneck found and 0.1a milestone roadmap.

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Here are a handful of the most recent updates from the official vaultmp site: Donations for pizza, Discontinued TES support, bottleneck found and 0.1a milestone roadmap.

Vaultmp donations

You now can support vaultmp by donating to the project. Donations will go directly to me and are used to fund everything I need for developing: coffee, Club Mate, pizza, a room for my computers, electricity and the server.

Donators will be added to the "Supporters" usergroup. In addition to that, I will think of some sort of attribution inside of the main application of vaultmp.

Please note. I'm working as a software engineer and studying computer science, I'm developing this mod in my free time. I love the project and I love the idea of the mod, so it's very unlikely that I will ever give up on it. However, due to my commitments my free time is very limited. Please understand that I can't give estimates on release dates, and that there will be times of stagnation when I'm very busy.

Support for TES IV: Oblivion will be discontinued

IV: Oblivion. Also I abandoned the idea of adding TES V: Skyrim support in the near future. The main reason for that decision is the extra work I have to put in (although the games are very similar engine-wise, I still have to workaround several quirks in Oblivion, for example).

This may be very bad news for some of you However, the original purpose of the mod was to bring multiplayer experience to the Fallout genre. The approach towards Oblivion wasn't a good idea, retrospectively...

I will leave the source code parts for Oblivion intact (commented out / separate branch, though). If someone wants to continue developing TES support, there is no need to start from scratch.

EDIT: Oblivion 'patch' for adding support back in:

Great Success

17:11 < recycler> oh my god
17:11 < recycler> I just found the bottleneck in vaultmp
17:11 < recycler> now it runs 44x times faster
17:11 < recycler> woooooooot

(this may be the solution for all sync problems)

Vaultmp 0.1a milestone roadmap

Current release (here): revision 147
Open issues / todo list:

pre-0.1a snapshots

  • 0.1a snapshot "Gary 1" - to be released soon


  • first official release with support. no date yet


  • stable release with most core features being stable. no date yet

Next release is going to be the version 0.1a - see the issues at GitHub for the stuff which needs to be done. I'm sorry but I can't give an estimate on the release date: I'm employed as a software engineer here and here and here and I'm studying computer science -> busy. I really try to work as much as I can on vaultmp because I love the idea of a Fallout / TES multiplayer myself, I probably feel like some of you do

As always, help on the development part of vaultmp is more than appreciated (and any other support too of course!). If you want to know something about the source code, I'm more than happy to answer your questions (however, I don't have the time to explain the whole code in detail: you need to be able to figure things out yourself pretty well).

OK, this is it again. Hope to be able to post some more updates soon...

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I already downloaded Gary 1, but what is the server id?

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Genocyber Author

There arnt any servers up at the moment

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Awww, no more MP for Oblivion and Skyrim? :< ohh well, was a good shot tough.

Still, F3 and NV, keep it up ^^

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