A Fallout 3 and New Vegas mod that greatly improves the user interface without compromising the original style.

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Old version entries are concatenated into single sections; minor edits and reverted features are cleaned up.

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Version 7.72 - March 25th 2019

  • Replaced the brightness gradient at the display options with one that actually helps tune this setting.
  • Fixed a vanilla bug where the weapon condition background is displayed at the VATS when the player character is using their hands.
  • Precisely aligned the condition background behind the meter at the HUD and VATS.
  • The outlining of the VATS buttons now applies to their labels too.
  • Tweaked the orphan word control code to catch more orphan words and avoid unnecessary wrapping.
  • Cleaned up meter ticks from a minor artifact that can appear on certain resolutions.
  • Restored the uninstallation troubleshooting section at the Readme because a lot of players are still using UIO 1.31.
  • Included an optional Fallout.ini tweak suggestion at the Readme.

Version 7.71 - March 1st 2019

  • Updated the Readme and the internal diagnostic messages per the latest UIO developments. (Uninstalling VUI+ right after force closing the game is no longer an issue with UIO.)
  • Fixed a regression on the vertical bracket of the repaired item at the Repair menu.

Version 7.70 - February 23rd 2019

  • Fixed the color of the enemy health bar during VATS/killmoves. This is a regression caused by the latest HUD edits.
  • Improved support for controller hot plugging/unplugging at the VATS menu.
  • Corrected the margins for Head & Torso health/chance boxes at the VATS menu.
  • Added list numbers on queued VATS attacks to point to their FIFO order and also provide a means of determining attacks when the queue grows above the screen.
  • Reduced the opacity of older queued attacks at the VATS menu, and set them behind the buttons to retain the buttons readable.
  • Outlined VATS button strings to retain their visibility with lots of queued attacks or in front of difficult backgrounds.
  • Re-ordered the VATS buttons based on their function.
  • In addition to restoring the E) label, setting _VUI+HUDPrompt to 0 will also restore the HUD activation prompt to its vanilla brightness.
  • Added the _VUI+bEnableBigGunsSkill setting for mods that enable Big Guns on New Vegas. This will adjust the padding of skills to allow all 14 of them to fit on a single level-up page. The setting can also be enabled via scripting with setUIFloat "HUDMainMenu\_VUI+bEnableBigGunsSkill" 1.
  • Tweaked the metrics of font #3 and the texture mappings of font #7.
  • The _VUI+noWorldMapTint setting is renamed to _VUI+ShilohCleanPip and it can be set to a greater value, to apply more brightness to the world map as intended for Shiloh's mod.
  • Restored the functionality of the _VUI+NumberedTopics setting.

Version 7.66 - February 10th 2019

  • Restored the option to display the key label of the activattion prompt at the HUD. Check out the _VUI+HUDPrompt option at the settings file.
  • Precisely aligned the HP, enemy health and AP meters into their brackets at the HUD.
  • Fixed a regression, caused by the HUD-related edits on the button prefab, where the buttons on the Race & Haircut menu would use the HUD color instead of the terminal color.
  • Fixed the alignment of the NEXT/DONE button string at the Race & Haircut menu.
  • Improved the Readme instructions on editing the settings file.

Version 7.63 - January 19th 2019

  • Fixed a brightness inheritance issue at the item name on the HUD’s Hotkey wheel.
  • Fixed the centering of numbers at the HUD’s Hotkey wheel.
  • Moved the strings used in three menus to the globals.xml file for easy reference and translation.

Version 7.62 - January 12th 2019

  • Slightly increased the speed of almost every menu by reducing fade to a safe value. This was attempted in an earlier version but was reverted as the reduction was too drastic and could pass buffered keystrokes to the HUD. The new and more conservative reductions are tested against all worst-case scenarios and work reliably.
  • Added controller shortcuts for Talk and Inventory at the Companion Wheel.
  • Slightly reduced the opacity of controller controls at the Companion Wheel for the same reason it was reduced for keyboard controls.
  • Corrected the wrapwidth of the Companion Wheel subtitles to match with dialog subs.
  • Extended target highlighting to toggle controls at the Start menu settings for xbox controllers.
  • Updated the Text Edit menu, used for typing the player character’s name, with the improved VUI+ background and a couple more tweaks.
  • When using the Classic Font option, the headings of the Pip-Boy menus will be set to a larger font.
  • Cleaned up and streamlined the Start menu to use the same code for Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  • Updated the diagnostics on the Start menu to check for the latest version.
  • Fixed an installation issue with the original FOMM (didn’t affect FOMM-fork).
  • Removed the _VUI+Highlighting option from the settings file to reduce cluttering; this option is too exotic for the vast majority of users.

Version 7.0 - 2018

  • Introduced a font metrics feature to allow alternative fonts to be perfectly aligned on all menus without extra edits. Font metrics are manually defined as a prefab by using a special addon which was written for this purpose.
  • Added an option to install the classic 1997 Fallout font. The font is used exclusively at the Pip-Boy, and it’s based on a truetype conversion by Sébastien “Red!” Caisse which is included, along with his license, in the r_Fallouty package. It has been optimized to look smoother, slightly narrower and to fix issues with several characters. It was also edited with a hex editor to fix two serious wrapping bugs.
  • Fixed the annoying vanilla scrolling bug when dragging the slider by mouse in some lists. The bug is most apparent at the Pip-Boy; in some lists the slider requires extra dragging even after it has reached the bottom arrow, while other lists are fully scrolled while the slider is well above the bottom arrow.
  • Implemented a new texture preloading feature to improve the loading speed of some menus, especially the Companion Wheel in New Vegas.
  • Hiding undiscovered locations from the compass should no longer affect the companion markers at the Pip-Boy local map. The feature is now implemented by XML code instead of editing the textures index, and no longer requires an installation option; it can be disabled by editing the settings file.
  • Improved the line thickness fix for ultra high resolutions. It should now apply to all resolutions, no matter how high.
  • Fixed the narrow wrapping of NPC names at the HUD which causes Living Anatomy stats to be hidden under the screen. This was attempted in VUI+ version 3, but the new fix is efficient, clean and fully compatible with HUD mods.
  • Muted the sound effect when clicking on already installed mods at the Weapon Mod menu. The repair sound effect will play only when installing a new mod.
  • Optimized the orphan word control by simply subtracting a couple of characters from the wrapped clone. This produces much better results compared to the complex version 6 calculations.
  • Orphan words are now controlled on general subtitles at the HUD as well.
  • By popular request, the _VUI+SubtitleBackground option can now be used to restore the original vanilla background on dialog subtitles.
  • Added an extra dark background on the Message menu to make it easier to read when displayed in front of other menus (eg. in Project Nevada cybernetic implants).
  • Reverted clipping descriptions at the level-up menus when using a controller, because there seems to be no way to allow controllers to use scrollbars with plain UI-xml.
  • Fixed a minor hardcoded bug in the brightness of the Message menu in Fallout 3 (opacity is changed when returning to this menu after closing the pause menu)
  • Reduced brightness of xbox button labels when used with the default font to match its reduced brightness.
  • Removed brightness.xml dependencies to reduce redundant file reads.
  • Slightly reduced the brightness of navigation arrows to better pronounce mouse hovering on them.
  • Set a minimum height for the Tutorial menu to prevent button overlapping in case a description is too short.
  • Fixed a minor inaccuracy of the HUD reticle (based on Roy’s suggestion at Weapon Mesh Improvement).
  • Improved the secondary background at the Message and Quantity menus to better reduce visibility of the underlying content.
  • The settings file has been cleaned up and includes comments for properly setting Pip-Boy 2500 variants.
  • Updated the Readme file with instructions specific to the “Vanilla UI Plus is overwritten or improperly uninstalled” message.
  • The hardcore compass feature is now compatible with any alternative font.
  • The weapon skill icons at the Tag menu feature is now compatible with any alternative font.
  • The condition bar used in various menus has been resized according to the card’s font and aligned using font metrics.
  • Added playtested Pip-Boy layout settings for Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI at the settings file.
  • Added an option to prevent installing font tweaks that are not compatible with non-English language packs such as Polish or Russian.
  • Added a non-functional option that provides a summary of the Readme file. This should help users quickly read the most important information for installing and uninstalling the mod.
  • Corrected a color inheritance problem at the HUD prompt. This will also fix an issue of the Loot Menu with the vanilla interface. Thanks to Jason213 for the reports and beta testing.
  • The spaghetti code of the text button has been overhauled for simplicity.
  • Xbox button alignment tweaks have been relocated from the text box prefab to the interfaceshared atlas for performance and simplicity.
  • Xbox buttons are now resized according to the text size.
  • Stabilized the vertical position of general subtitles so that it’s no longer affected by the NPC’s name length.
  • The Level Up menus have been set to a fixed height instead of a max number of items to accommodate more items when using alternative small fonts.
  • Improved a version 5 feature that wiped out the hardcoded red color on skill-check failed dialog topics on New Vegas. The red is now 100% gone.
  • The highlight box of the Companion Wheel Exit button has been replaced with a small disk similar to the highlighted slices.
  • Toggled visibility of the controls mapping scrollbar when the “press the new control...” message is displayed.
  • Reverted the fade delay edits on the Container and Companion Wheel menus because the default delay is required for the key buffer to flush prior to returning to the active game.
  • Zeroed the fade delay of the Quantity menu; buffered keystrokes do not affect underlying menus.
  • Eliminated the hardcoded alpha of the Message menu to keep it easily readable in all cases.
  • Added mouse hovering and clicking sounds on the active elements of the quantity menu.
  • Mouse hovering sounds are muted on inactive meter and toggle elements at the Start menu options.
  • Eliminated the hardcoded vertical position of the HUD prompt strings that was based on the engine’s assumptions on the activator’s name wrapping. The HUD prompt strings have also been precisely centered.
  • Activators that have no names such as harvestables are no longer de-emphasized.
  • Meters at the start menu settings will no longer break out of their maximum width due to overdriven values. When that happens, a red percentage of the value will be displayed instead, to help users figure out that the setting was modified at FalloutPrefs.ini.
  • To prevent accidental edits on such meters, which can only be undone at FalloutPrefs.ini, clicking is disabled except on their left or right arrows; a single click on these arrows will revert the meter to a normal value.
  • Aligned the NPC’s name at the Dialog menu to the right of the talking head, instead of the display’s right edge. This won’t affect 4:3 monitors.
  • Copied the New Vegas interface textures map to Fallout 3. This extends the xbox controller button tweaks to FO3 and allows to clean up edits specific to the New Vegas from several menus.
  • The bulk of the HUD edits have been relocated on a prefab. Editing this prefab will no longer require VHR patch updates.

Version 6 - 2018

  • Fixed the single pixel resolution converter used for border lines; there is a logical error in its calculation which results in lines getting thinner as resolution increases, until they start disappearing in ultra high resolutions. This fix will be a major improvement for anyone using a very high resolution monitor, even 1080p.
  • Greatly improved the method of propagating settings for better compatibility with mods that edit hudtemplates.xml, such as Vanilla HUD Remastered. VHR 1.8 is now compatible with the latest VUI+ and no longer requires an update (or patch) whenever a new setting is introduced.
  • Reworked the code of the 3 Pip-Boy menus to to use relative positioning and consistent formatting.
  • Buttons are now positioned inside the Pip-Boy menus as well. This provides valuable width to expand Pip-Boy lists or descriptions and remove any shoehorning tweaks. It also means that all buttons in the game are consistently aligned.
  • Added icon badges next to combat skill icons at the skill chargen/Tag menu, as they appear at the levelup menu. The implementation is compatible with mods that change skill names or add Big Guns on New Vegas, but it’s not compatible with mods that change the main skill icons.
  • Eliminated orphan words from subtitles and loading screen tips by dynamically reducing the width of the text as long as it doesn’t wrap any further.
  • Added clipping & scrolling for the text description at all Level Up menus to deal with very large (modded) descriptions. This improved implementation is also applied to the scrollbar used at Trait menu descriptions.
  • The scrollbar code for Pip-Boy notes and the Tutorial menu has been rewritten using the implementation from the level-up menus. It won’t be visible when all text fits into the visible area and the slider better matches the visible/total ratio.
  • The Tutorial menu has been rewritten for consistency with other menus except for the background which is darker to improve readability when the tutorial is displayed at the HUD.
  • The font of the EFF list has been changed to the default Pip-Boy font which is narrower and allows larger strings to fit within the wrapping space. Rad Regeneration now looks great. Additional edits will allow the font to look as “bold” as it was.
  • The font map files have been edited to properly align and resize some fonts. For example, asterisks have been slightly zoomed and moved to the bottom to better fit their role as bullets in the game. The edits have been applied with the DC Font Generator. Thanks to team Disthaven & Aaby!
  • The width for the EFF list is now based on the total available width as specified at the settings file.
  • Polished the highlighting code to allow the highlighting setting to correctly represent highlighting strength and to fix a flickering issue with highlighting.
  • Added the option (see settings file) to remove the green tint from the Pip-Boy world map; useful for colored map mods such as Color Hi-Detailed map and icons for Fallout 3 or Shiloh’s Clean Pip-Boy Screen for New Vegas.
  • Items with health greater than 100% will no longer display overly long bars at the Pip-Boy Repair menu.
  • Added a couple of interesting features for the new and shiny Revelation patch: the first is a trait that allows quick detection of Fallout 3 or New Vegas, and the second is the inclusion 0-length preload.xml file at the HUD. The former allows for code to adapt to either game and therefore the same file can be used on both. The latter allows textures to be preloaded and for quickly opening any menu that depends on them.
  • Fixed the clipping bottom border of the lowest item in lists. This is now based on precise pixel calculation based on the engine’s resolution converter.
  • Set the vertical scrollbar’s slider width using the engine’s resolution converter and precisely aligned all scrollbars to the center of the vertical borders.
  • Fixed the protruding pixels (visible only in very high resolutions) at the top and bottom bracket templates.
  • Resized the heading stat cards at the Pip-Boy Stat and Item menus. The Wg and XP labels should be auto-hidden when their values are too long (which happens rarely and temporarily in the game).
  • Slightly increased the spacing between Pip-Boy EFF names and stats.
  • The spacing between labels and values at info cards is now defined by the total width of the card.
  • The condition bar alignment tweak has been added to the Fallout 3 version.
  • The Readme file has been updated with clear steps for troubleshooting major installation or uninstallation issues, including special instructions for non-English versions of the game and Mod Organizer users.
  • Improved the internal diagnostics to include another overwrite detection. The warning now points to the Readme file.
  • To reduce uninstallation issues, the MCM compatible version will no longer trigger UIO.
  • The internal diagnostics have been extended to include checks for overwrites. In most problem scenarios the user will no longer be dealing with glitches but rather with a message that points them to easy troubleshooting.
  • Pip-Boy Item buttons will not display when no item is being displayed.
  • The radio meters are perfectly aligned and resized based on the available space of the Pip-Boy Map menu.
  • The radio waveform is aligned behind the meters and brightened up to look as an actual oscillograph.
  • The location font at maps is outlined to be more easily readable.
  • Fixed a New Vegas VUI+ bug that caused loading tips to be displayed at the Start menu when the player would quit to menu from a running game.
  • The optimized dark background has been templated so that it displays consistently behind every non-Pip-Boy menu. The template takes into account the ratio of the dds texture, the size of the menu and the presence of a heading to apply a well-proportioned background behind any menu.
  • Buttons have been uniformly positioned inside the main rectangle of all menus except for the Pip-Boy.
  • Increased the size of the skill requirement badge (the tiny square icon that appears next to weapon skills) at the Stats and Levelup menus. It’s too small in vanilla.
  • Prevented the Ingredients title from appearing in empty Recipe menus.
  • Relocated a reference to the Mod Configuration on the main menu instead of every menu in the game. This may increase performance in long lists.
  • All Pip-Boy menus have been slightly increased; this positively affects everything and especially maps which have been expanded even more.
  • There is now the option to resize the Pip-Boy menus at settings.xml. For example, you can reduce _VUI+PipHeight to fit the button shortcuts on Pip-Boy 2500, or you can use Pip-Boy 2500a instead, and increase this setting to fit 14 skills, Big Guns included, on a single page!
  • The last remaining annoyance I had with the UI since the mod went public has been cracked: quest stages now occupy all their available width.
  • Audio and picture notes are centered instead of being aligned to a corner.
  • Very large hot key item names will wrap and the hot key wheel will be accordingly aligned in this case.
  • A keyboard shortcut has been added to the Show buttons at quest and notes sections.
  • Improved the fix of the gaps on the rightmost tabs at Pip-Boy Items and Maps.
  • Corrected positioning of very long strings in info cards (such as the ones used in item stats).
  • Added focus highlighting to the meter of the Quantity menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the highlighting of meters and toggles at the start menu options. They should now be correctly highlighted on mouse hovering.
  • The error checking at the start menu has been updated to the latest developments. If you are using Vanilla HUD Remastered or any other mod that overwrites hudtemplates.xml, please wait a few days for an update.
  • Merged High Quality Pip-Boy Icons edits for zooming Pip-Boy icons (stats, items etc). This does not affect the vanilla games but will allow high resolution icons to be displayed properly.
  • The player’s location string at maps will be replaced by challenge title when Challenges are selected.
  • Fixed a hardcoded vanilla alignment issue at the Caravan Bet menu, when playing with Quartermaster Mayes and some other opponents with long names.
  • Fixed the Tutorial scrollbar from retaining the position of the previous card.

Version 5 - 2017

  • All customizable settings have been moved to a separate file (Menus\Prefabs\VUI+\settings.xml) for easy editing.
  • All selectable elements are highlighted when targeted. That includes buttons, list items, scrollbars, filters, meters etc. The highlighting intensity is customizable at the settings file. At default settings the effect is mild enough to avoid deviating from vanilla, but still helpful.
  • All functions at the Companion Wheel have keyboard shortcuts. Their labels are placed into the slices for easy reference but they are highly transparent for minimal visual impact.
  • Added an optional background (see settings.xml) to subtitles at the Dialog, HUD, Companion Wheel and Container menus.
  • Added an optional background for loading screen tips. This had to be done with a special texture file and it can be enabled by setting _VUI+SubtitleBackground to 2 (at settings.xml).
  • Added a new option to hide the MODS label at the item data. This option is meant to be enabled by mods such as Universal Item Sorter which already provide a prefix for weapon mods. You can turn it on by opening the Menus\Prefabs\hudtemplates.xml file and changing <_VUI+noMODSlabel> to 1.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue with several menus not properly updating their buttons when a game controller is attached or removed while the game is running.
  • Reduced size of xbox button labels when the button text is set to the small font.
  • The scrollbar that appears in Message menus (when there are many options) is moved to the left edge like all list scrollbars.
  • Crafting headers will not be displayed on the Vending Machine menu; the token requirement is set to the middle of the ingredients panel
  • Wide save file names will no longer be clipping outside the save/load list box. This was pretty hard to fix.
  • Take All to R) is installed by default and it’s no longer an option. Getting used to it is far easier than picking up your entire stash just because you hit A) at the Quantity menu. (I decided to do this after reading a short discussion between VUI+ users on another mod -- apparently some users haven’t realized that options could be enabled?)
  • Fixed minor syntax issues on several files. That includes vanilla and VUI+ issues. These probably didn’t have any effect but it’s better to have them corrected. Redundant elements (eg. empty parentheses) are removed from the code to make it easier to read.
  • Further reduced the brightness of the Companion Commands heading to even better match the rest of the non-active stuff in the Companion Wheel.
  • Position of the Reputation button matches the Stimpack button, thanks to Frosty-theaussie.
  • Added an installation error warning that’s displayed on the Start menu if VUI+ cannot access its HUDMainMenu settings. This addition completes the pavement of the road to the future of this mod.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue with skills greater than 85 not properly displaying their value at the Tag menu.
  • Improved a vanilla alignment fix for text boxes using the outlined (“glow”) font.
  • Skills on level up menus will be properly aligned if Big Guns is enabled for New Vegas through the JIP-LN Plugin.
  • The max for level up SPECIAL point allocation (default 10) can now be controlled via script through SetUIFloat “HUDMainMenu\_VUI+MaxSPECIAL” (added September 29 with no version change).
  • Remapped the Add/Remove buttons on the Caravan Deck Building menu so that they use the same key.
  • Added a new option for the Hide HUD Button setting: you can now hide the key label only. This will also reduce the button’s brightness a bit to better distinguish it from the activator’s name.
  • Remapped exit to X at the Sleep/Wait menu because it cancels the action.
  • Dialog topics will now be switched to the small font when the max number of topics at the settings is set to 6 or higher.
  • Added an extra faint dark background under the Quantity menu to better distinguish it from the menus it’s displayed upon.
  • Added the ability to display list numbers for topics as requested by 1AS1 for KeyBoy. They can be turned on by scripting via SetUIFloat “HUDMainMenu\_VUI+NumberedTopics” 1
  • All settings except Highlighting are now accessible by scripting through Get/SetUIFloat “HUDMainMenu\_VUI+...”
  • Fixed an incompatibility with aHUD/oHUD (file re-uploaded after 5.7 with no version change).
  • Speaker’s dialog subtitles match the style of general subtitles with the most obvious change being the elimination of the dark background. As a result dialog becomes more live instead of appearing as a part of a menu with a talking head. An outline and faint shadow effect applied on the text ensures readability against any game background and the wrapwidth is reduced to 55-60 characters as recommended by readability standards. The player’s topic box is not affected by these changes.
  • Font size in the player’s dialog topics is automatically reduced when max topics at settings is set to higher than 6. The font reduction is accompanied with outline/shadow tricks to improve readability as published in the relevant article at the Nexus page.
  • Status tabs in Pip-Boy Stats are displayed while hovering the mouse pointer at their respective vertical buttons. This allows for quick browsing of the entire condition, effects and hardcore-related effects of the player character by a simple drag of the mouse. The hovering/clicking sounds of the Status tabs are modified to match their new functionality but otherwise mouse clicking and keyboard navigation are not affected by these changes.
  • Effects can be scrolled by the mouse wheel from the entire Pip-Boy panel. Combined with hoverable tabs, this provides an easy and bug-free means to quickly scroll effects but it also works with traditional clicking or keyboard navigation.
  • There are now 3 options for displaying the magnitude of the various Status tabs at the Pip-Boy Stats: disable, brightness only (default) and brightness with numbers. The brighter the labels are, the more attention they need. Effects are brightened based on their number. The CND button is brightened when limbs are hurt and especially when their invididual health gets close to 0.
  • The Survival icon has been replaced with one provided by Ladez, tweaked to match the dimensions of the rest of the icons. There are a few other icons that have such issues (Rebar Club!) but these are acceptable as oddities; a Stat icon shouldn’t.
  • Emphasized Karma strings; formatted Reputation icon & strings according to the looks of Karma and removed redundant faction name under the faction icon -- the name is already displayed at the selected list item and this is a standard convention in the game’s UI. The Reputation string is moved above the icon because it shouldn’t be looking like a caption.
  • Highlighting now applies to the sleep/wait meter marker and to the text labels of Pip-Boy tab buttons.
  • Improved the fix for the repeating weapon mod borders and prefixes; as a result of this improvement the EFFECTS label will no longer be hidden in any case.
  • Improved the custom hotkey tip at the Items menu and removed the incorrect button label; there’s no button label for the D-pad.
  • The Requirements header is removed when there are no requirements in recipes; the empty space is occupied by ingredients.
  • Eliminated hightlight box clipping in lists whose height is a multiple of line height. A long time personal annoyance.
  • The direction arrow in barter and container menus should now be properly aligned regardless of the VUI+ContainerItems setting.
  • The quantity menu is now installed by default. The key mapping change (E to X) is not considered drastic enough to be optional.
  • Fixed the condition bar display for weapon and armor recipes.
  • Added a clicksound to all “silent” buttons on the Pip-Boy.
  • Precisely aligned the skills scrollbar (displayed only if Big Guns are enabled at the JIP-LN Plugin) with the vertical borders. The relevant edits has allowed for a perfect uniformity of the Skill, Perk and General lists.
  • The SPECIAL list has now been exempted from the padding reduction used in the aforementioned lists and it has been aligned to the middle of the vertical space.
  • Reclaimed the space for empty/filled squares from the Challenge list since it doesn’t use squares.
  • Highlighting of list items that contain meters or toggles is enabled *only* when clickable items are targeted, unless using a controller.
  • Background highlighting correctly applies on skill-check failed dialog topics and their border is set to the default color; the background’s red tint is not affected by this change.
  • Aligned the activation button on the HUD to the center of the subject’s name.
  • Fixed the color levels of the custom VUI+ solid_black.dds and the vanilla hud_comp_bkg.dds so that they match with the vanilla solid_black.dds.
  • Shownamemenu has the same style with similar message boxes.
  • Improved highlighting in levelup menus (added mouseover condition so that they lose highlighting when hovering on the Accept/Cancel buttons).
  • Fixed a major issue with the custom VUI+ solid black background which didn’t display correctly on some systems (mipmaps had to be generated!).
  • Added a navigation button label for controller users on the Hotkey menu and removed the hotkey icon numbers when using a controller (they are redundant in this case).
  • Fixed the visibility of the mod and repair button labels when using a controller.
  • Relocated the button labels on the Companion wheel when using a controller: the Select label is placed right under the action to be selected and the Navigate label is placed to the bottom of the wheel and auto-hidden when there’s a lot of text there.
  • Reordered the button labels on Repair Services to prevent the item icon from overlapping with the Repair All label when using a controller.
  • Replaced the fuzzy low-res background used in non-Pip-Boy menus with one that has more appropriate dimensions for large menus. This makes them appear more crisp and it is most evident in Message boxes. The only case where the original background is retained is Dialogue: it seems it was created for Dialogue only and then used by the developers for all other menus.
  • Fixed display of the first effect when it wraps (EFF tab) and reduced brightness of effect names and divider lines to distinguish them from the values.
  • Aligned the point counter on level-up menus to the center and middle of its box. Fixed alignment issues on their divider lines and further streamlined all level-up menus with common formatting (eg. the scrollbar at the Trait menu descriptions will not be displayed unless necessary.)
  • The width of the Caravan deck building scrollbar is based on the player’s deck size: the more the cards, the wider the scrollbar and the slider.
  • Clicking sound on the mod weapon menu is set to the item repair sound (matches weapon modding). The custom VUI+ layout of this menu has been improved.
  • The repair menu list is expanded both vertically and horizontally using various tricks from the inventory_menu. A lot more items will be fitting to it now. The item to be repaired has been emphasized and the condition bar is set to the middle of the list boxes.
  • A lot of the repair menu edits have been carried over to the repair services menu, in addition to edits from VUI+ container menus: More items fit, the item icon’s zoom has been reduced a bit to avoid blurring, stats have been tightened etc.
  • The save/load scrollbar is hidden when a confirmation dialog is displayed. Removing all that redundant stuff from the start menu makes it more comfortable to use.
  • The Previous/Next buttons and keyboard shortcuts in Tutorials have been tweaked according to common standards.
  • The game version has been removed from the Tutorials but it’s now displayed in all settings, not just display settings.
  • Fixed (finally!) the mod and repair buttons from displaying where and WHEN they shouldn’t.
  • Corrected the vertical alignment of xbox buttons taking into account the wrong baseline of B) and Y) buttons. Moved button labels closer to the button strings when using a small font.

Version 4 - 2017

  • Active tab buttons are more opaque (brighter) to be easily distinguishable from targeted ones.
  • Reduced padding of list items to allow more of them to fit on Pip-Boy and two-pane menus.
  • Greatly reduced padding of list items on Pip-Boy stats to make all skills fit in a single page.
  • The direction arrow in the Container menu is replaced with the one from the Barter menu which is more detailed.
  • The size and positioning of Stats tabline buttons on the Pip-Boy should match with those on the other sections.
  • The color of the start menu is switched to the hudmain color which can be customized through the display settings.
  • Removed the redundant Downloadable Content option from the start menu.
  • Removed the version information from the save file information element.
  • Increased load/save list items, taking into account the reason why the list is meant to be short.
  • Aligned the save/load screenshot and save file stats to the center of the listbox making them easier to distinct from the save list.
  • Rewrote some parts of the scrollbar template to make it appear correctly in all cases.
  • The FOMM installer will copy an MCM compatible start_menu when necessary. Hopefully this will save those who refuse to read installation instructions but are using a mod manager.
  • Relocated the mod’s custom prefab file to its own VUI+ folder (may be useful if other mods try to detect VUI+).
  • All paperdoll patches are script-based and therefore compatible with any changes to the Pip-Boy Stats.
  • All paperdoll patches include HUD fixes. These are based on Akastalker’s fix but improved and customized for its case.
  • Vault Girl’s HUD paperdoll is corrected to have its collar properly displayed.
  • The Cowgirl patch is now based on Cowgirl version 0.8 which has better quality than version 0.9.
  • The height of the tutorial box is adjusted, based on text, up to a reasonable amount.
  • Added patches for KeyBoy, Cowgirl and Pitt Gal. The patch for Cowgirl also fixes the HUD issue that had troubled the author.
  • (minor update with no version change) Removed the oHUD/CC&C compatibility fix since it’s no longer necessary with the latest JIP NVSE plugin’s developments.
  • (minor update with no version change) Updated the description with rewritten installation instructions. This was necessary to properly guide users for the new 4.4 plugin-based paperdoll patches.
  • Increased contrast between new and used dialogue topics.
  • Minor alignment/positioning tweaks on the level-up menus.
  • Backported the dialogue contrast tweak on the Revelation patch.
  • The expansion of list items introduced in 4.0 is now applied to Perk and Trait menus too.
  • The stat description in the SPECIAL menu is displayed in the same formatting and font size as the other levelup menus.
  • The oHUD/JIPCCC fix will be installed for oHUD users, regardless if they use the Living Anatomy fix or not.
  • The readme file (and the description page as well) is rewritten with clear compatibility instructions and less fluff.
  • Removed the Living Anatomy fix. Better Pickup Prompt is a much better way to deal with the underlying problem and the fix wasn’t up to the quality stabdards of the mod
  • Fixed compatibility issue with JIP Companions Command and Control; the fix applies to oHUD as well.

Version 3 - 2016

  • The [HIDDEN] marker and the enemy health bar are moved closer to screen edges to prevent the former from overlapping with [EMPTY] containers. This only affects the optional Living Anatomy bug fix.
  • Fixed: The shield/broken shield icon did not match the position of the enemy health bar for the optional Living Anatomy bug fix. (Thanks to KiCHo66 for the report & verification)
  • The Weapon Mod menu is cleaned up from development leftovers and displays the mod icons in much greater detail. This edit does not affect compatibility with the WMM mod.
  • Enemy stats can optionally be relocated on top of the HUD. This fixes a rare problem where very large enemy names wrap Living Anatomy stats under the visible area.
  • The color of the loading screens is switched to the hudmain color which can be customized through the display settings.
  • The loading wheel is moved to the bottom to pronounce the loading screen images.
  • The companion wheel can now be closed with the X key
  • Further expanded the maps at the Pip-Boy; slightly decreased the height of the heading cards in all Pip-Boy sections.
  • Caps in the Aid tab are replaced with Hit Points since Aid has a lot to do with hit points.
  • The World and Local maps are horizontally shrunk to to fit within the side borders of the Pip-Boy but expanded vertically. That makes them overall slightly larger.
  • Challenge titles are even more separated from challenges.
  • Item, quest and notes lists on the Pip-Boy are similarly aligned and slightly expanded to fit one more item.
  • Doctor’s bag at stats is placed above Healing mode; as a result the health bar of hands no longer needs to be set way above the hands in New Vegas.
  • Fixed Strength not blinking that was caused by the DR/DT separation.
  • Added easy customization for max dialogue topics. See updated description.
  • The fix for the noise bug at recipe ingredients has been merged into the Revelation patch.
  • Barter, Container and Recipe menus are expanded to fit an additional item and they are tweaked to allow easy configuration of their height.
  • Fixed the thin shadow which appears next to filled squares in equipped or enabled items in lists.

Version 2 - 2016

  • Hardcore stats are also displayed on hardcore pages and their brightness is based on the magnitude of the stat. When they get bright enough, you really need to take care of them!
  • Improved companion wheel xbox buttons. The exit button is moved to the center, as it is with the normal PC navigation.
  • Fixed the horizontal spacing and scrollbar alignment on Stat, Quest and Challenge lists on the Pip-Boy.
  • Improved the alignment of the clickable padding on the scrollbar slider.
  • The Revelation patch is improved with better aligned stats and relocated companion subtitles. It also packs the Remap Keys option into a single FOMOD-based package.
  • Hollow squares on Pip-Boy items are aligned with filled squares; also fixed a minor cosmetic issue at the Barter and Container menus when scrolling down on very large item lists.
  • Improved the dialogue formatting to deal with some minor problems. These were probably not an issue in the normal game, but only for my special dialogue tests.
  • The clickable area around scrollbar sliders is better aligned to the center of the slider. This makes the sliders easier to drag.
  • The dialogue box is dynamically expanded to fit more dialogue options, up to a fixed maximum height. Additional edits to the font and the background color ensure that this increase will not deteriorate the view of the talking person.
  • Tweaked installer to work with FOMM.
  • Added a mod configuration declaration
  • Key remapping for container and quantity menus is optional
  • Hardcore compass is optional
  • Reduced the size of the rosette in the favorite menu at the Pip-Boy items to match the reduced size of the favorites.
  • Working this mod for Fallout 3 revealed a few remaining areas that could be tweaked; the vertical centering of the values in the info cards now works regardless of height. That makes it better for everyone, including Revelation.
  • Changed the Take All button at the container menu from “A” to “T”, since A is used in the quantity dialog too and this often leads to accidental pick-ups of potentially huge stashes of items.
  • Changed the Exit button at the container and quantity menus from “E” to “X” to match all other menus. “E” is used for activation in the game, not exit. This was yet another confusing keyboard mapping that would lead to the the same issue as above.
  • Increased opacity of the dialog options box and moved it a bit higher to improve readability.
  • Minor alignment fixes for the vanilla map section.
  • Using an improved alignment of the transcation amount in the barter menu, I could switch back to vanilla’s original font size the overlapping problem when selling or buying bigly.
  • Increased the font size on the player’s dialog text while keeping it more compact than vanilla’s huge ones.
  • Slightly increased opacity of the player’s dialog text to improve readability.
  • Fixed the alignment of the list boxes in the container and barter menus.
  • Added full support for xbox buttons. Controller users will now be able to enjoy an improved UI without missing their helpful button labels.
  • Xbox buttons on the companion wheel are better positioned and they get hidden when the context tip would overlap on them.
  • Fixed another vanilla issue where the “place marker” button is displayed when using mouse and keyboard.
  • A few minor corrections such as a better alignment of the caps flow arrow etc.
  • Fixed the Yukichigai PIP-Boy glove (and similar icons) from appearing too small at the Pip-Boy items view.
  • The Caravan bet value labels are now following the same formatting with labels on similar menus.
  • Further increased the available space for quest stages and notes. This was achieved by relocated the challenges headline and moving the buttons to the top.
  • The challenges headline is now using a more emphasized font.
  • Effects at the Status section can now wrap to avoid clipping (eg. Weapon Binding Ritual).
  • Caps and Wg at the barter and container menus are slightly relocated to prevent overlapping with very long merchant or container names.

Version 1 - 2016

  • Fixed the repeating borders and labels of weapon mods at the item stats. There should only be a single label and a single border for the first weapon mod.
  • Expanded the lists in Barter, Container, Crafting and Pip-Boy Item menus.
  • All left-aligned scrollbars should be precisely positioned in the center of their enclosing vertical borders.
  • Increased clickable area around the scrollbar slider for easier dragging. The area is the average between the slider’s width and the full width of the scrollbar. The idea is taken from PipWare UI.
  • Redone the Caravan Deck Building menu to make it usable. This menu was left unfinished by the developers.
  • Added hardcore stats for dehydration, hunger and sleep deprivation at the main condition page for quick browsing. Suggestion by phoenix0113 (thanks!).
  • Separated DAM/DPS and DR/DT at the item stats. Flashing cards was a serious usability mistake in New Vegas since it prevents quick comparison of different item stats.
  • Separated DR/DT at the Pip-Boy Items headline for the same reason.
  • Fixed the annoying clicking sound which causes recipe lock when moving the mouse pointer over the igredients at the Recipe menu.
  • Expanded the wrap width of values in infocards (such as weapon mod names) to the full width of the card. The label will be auto-hidden if the value were to overlap in it. For example, mod names of the Service Rifle will hide the MODS label.
  • The hotkey menu on the Pip-Boy is slightly resized and relocated to prevent overlapping with the additional DPS/DR cards. The hot item’s name is relocated on top and it’s using the smaller font which better fits the hotkey menu.
  • Subtitles appearing from companion wheel options are now displayed with the font used for subtitles and they won’t be overlapping with the recipe/barter/container menus.
  • The bet/chips stats at casino tables use left alignment (values appear next to labels) to match with the earnings stat which is hardcoded to use this formatting.
  • Fixed for the companion wheel so that the entire area of an “option slice” can be targeted by the pointer. The fix was contributed by Ladez (thanks!).
  • Fixed the Repair and Mod buttons from displaying at the wrong sections; the Mod button should always appear when pointing at a weapon.
  • Quests are no longer displayed when switching from Quests to Notes.
  • Fixed the level up menu so that all perk descriptions fit in their box.
  • Fixed VUI+ crashing without NVAC (New Vegas Anti Crash).
  • Tweaked transparency of the dialogue black background to improve legibility. NPC lines are now using outlined fonts for the same reason.
  • The quest list width is expanded to fit more content. I’d rather expand the stages list but it’s too deeply hardcoded [This was finally fixed in version 6!].
  • Fixed the annoying gaps to the left of the Ammo and Radio buttons.
  • Reduced the excessive vertical padding on info cards at Pip-Boy item stats and moved them down a bit so that the item icon wouldn’t require shrinking to fit.
  • Corrected the wrapwidth and size of the description box on the traits menu.
  • Tips on the loading screen are fixed to no longer mix with each other and are formatted with outlined fonts without a black background.
  • Added compatibility for the Weapon Mod Menu; this was later removed as VUI+ now relies on UIO for compatibility with user interface extensions such as WMM.
  • Added compatibility with oHUD; VUI+ must be allowed to overwrite oHUD.

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