V for Victory carries on in the family of WWII themed First Person Shooters by incorporating gameplay from Day of Defeat 1.3 and Day of Defeat:Source. However, V will add new objective types, new weapon types, and new gameplay. We hope that our efforts will create a new yet familiar environment that will bring hours of exhilarating online play.

One thing our team is focusing on is creating an extensible mod, one that community can contribute to in ways other WWII shooters didn't allow for, as such every step in the development cycle has the creative community in mind, along with the player.

The Allies

The US has their trusted and fearless ally back in the British Armed Forces Team.

The US continues to bring their tried and true arsenal to the fight:
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
M1928A1 Thompson
M3 Grease Gun
M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
M1903A4 Springfield Sniper Rifle
M1919 Browning .30 Cal
M1 Bazooka
M1919 Trench Gun
60mm M2 Mortar

The British add their armory of well built and durable weapons:
The Lee Enfield No. IV Mk I
Sten Mk III
Lee Enfield Scoped Sniper
Bren Mk II
52mm SBML Mortar

The Axis

The Germans are battling their foes alone again, but as you know they had their legions of researchers keeping their armories full:
Karabiner 98
Gewehr 43
Maschinenpistole 40 (MP40)
Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44)
Fallschirmjäger 42 (Fg42)
Fallschirmjäger42 Scoped
Karabiner 98 Scoped Sniper
Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34)
Maschinengewehr 42 (MG42)
8-cm schwere Granatwerfer 34 Mortar

The Objectives

The Allies and Axis forces must complete their objectives to win the battle.

Capture Points. Familiar game play to capture and hold points within the map, capture them all to win the round.

Demolition. Place charges on designated objectives to destroy them and win the round in the time allotted.

King of the Hill. Hold a single point with the designated number of players to win the round.

Capture the Flag. Capture your opponents flag and return it to your base to win the round.

Attrition. Keep as many control points as you can while keeping your re-enforcements. Don't be caught under manned in the heat of battle.

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Pre Alpha Testing
Pre Alpha testing has been in full swing for almost three months now. We are pushing to get a private alpha test started soon, however we continue to find things that need to be adjusted. The latest has been the damage radius of the rifle grenades, and we continue to debate on the behavior of the rifle grenades. In actual combat during WWII the rifle grenades would explode on impact, in game they are timed. Some of us like the explode on impact... others prefer the timed response. We'll keep you posted. We are also in the throws of developing an attractive GUI and HUD - probably shouldn't have been left to the very end... but live and learn. We'll be posting some development screenshots soon, and perhaps get some feedback on improvements. Lastly is the Realism Mode. All of the changes have been made to facilitate those hardcore realism players, they have yet to be tested... so let the games begin.

A War of Attrition
We've added a new game play genre to our list, Attrition. The Attrition game play is similar to control points, however the round doesn't end when all points are captured. Each team is allotted a limited number of re-spawns per round, and set per map. To win the round, each team must control the majority of the points until the other teams re-spawn limit has been reached. To eliminate camping to preserve re-spawns, each time a point is captured by more than one team member, additional re-spawns are awarded.

Along with our "Campaign" maps, we believe this additional game play will promote cooperation and teamwork.


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No, it's V from Vendetta!

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This will be epic! I will love you if you add Russians in and a trench gun class. I would love to se a ppsh and a fg42. Keep going!

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We agree and will be using the fg42 in V for Victory, what we are debating now is whether or not we should add the fg42 scoped?

Thanks for your support! :)

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no scope

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Looks excellent so far! keep up the good work, i'll be tracking.

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Looking good, but if your truelly looking for a new experience, you might aswell redo the Dods guns rather than reuse them. Also updating the hud, music, and texture/models would go along way. Good luck.

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This MOD is being created in HD, our development team is hard at work creating improved game play by adding the ability to iron sight with the weapons that should have it, all Maps will be bumped up to HD, there will be lots of visual effects added to the maps and more realistic sounds added, we have created a more realistic approach to the Sniper Scopes by introducing peripheral vision outside the scope lens. HUD and Player icons will be totally new....etc....etc....etc.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and support, keep them comming! :)

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