The Unreal Tournament SDK is a collection of hardcoded Engine Enhancements for Unreal Tournament that aim to update that wonderful old game so that both gamers and level designers/mod developers may enjoy this fine game just a bit longer. It is completely Open Source, free for noncommercial use. While I know that Unreal Engine 4 is the current state of the art incarnation of the Unreal Engine this project has become a more or less private project just for fun. After a 4 year break (coding nothing since 2014) I'm lookng forward to continue the project and release the next update in 2018. So yes... it's active again, after I had a time of hardship these last years.

AmaroqDricaldari says

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Epic Games would be proud. It is too bad it isn't ocmpatible with Unreal Engine 2, and it is also too bad that the Unreal Engines don't stack. Imagine playing the first Unreal with this mod and with Unreal Engine 3.

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