UT40K: The Chosen Although 40K players and other Mod Teams may not have herd about us, we have in fact been going on, for quite a while. The fact that a ModDB page was never set up for us has only just been brought to light. We are a small but dedicated team, devoted to bringing the universe of Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 to it's full glory, using the UT3 engine. While we have been toiling in the shadows, we have actually managed to release a Number of Public Betas over the last year and improve on them with each upgrade. We are devoted to remaining as close to the publish code rules as we possibly can, to the point where we have implemented both the JAM system, for the Terminator Assault Cannon, and a fully functional vehicle damage system, complete with Front, Side and Rear armour values and features all of the ways of disabling a vehicle (e.g. Crew Stunned, Weapon Destroyed, Immobilised and all the others) We have two mostly functional races available; The Imperium's...

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Aug 25 2010 Anchor

Hi ,

My name is Emmanuel and i'm currently student at HEAJ(Belgium ) as 3D artist Video Game .

I love the world of Warhammer 40K so i'd like to join your team .

I play the Blood Angels army .

You make a great job so I want to help you in your task .

Here is my website where you can find my project and work .

I can modeling , make Model sheet , animate , export for udk , creat HP and retopo (Z Brush and 3D coat ) .

Great skills with Maya and 3DS max .

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Ministry_3D Modeler, Painter, Mapper
Aug 26 2010 Anchor

Looks like you have enough skill. Geo is the guy to talk to around here. If he likes your stuff (and I'm sure he will), he'll assign something for you to work on.


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biggest_kid Modeler, Texturer, Mapper
Aug 27 2010 Anchor

You look skilled with your work. Hopefully geo will spot this thread ASAP and get you some work.


Looking for a mod team? You're in luck. Check out our mod page.

Geodav UT40k Team Leader
Aug 27 2010 Anchor

very nice work there Red, i'd like you to do some of the Tyranid scenery as seen in the WhiteDwarf magazine and on the GW website.

if you need more pics then let me know


Sep 12 2010 Anchor

ok sry but i was busy ^^

I'm work on the Tyranid . I think that when you reply here that send an e-mail but I can wait ^^ .

I have the codex and a lot of white dwarf , think that is enough to begin with .

For the explanation I was in Koln for the GDC and Gamescom .
Now I work as a student job(not in video game) so I can begin in 2 days

Geodav UT40k Team Leader
Sep 13 2010 Anchor

you was lucky then, i never seem to have the time for the Gamescom or GDC. but when you have time to work on it will be fine, don't rush we don't have a deadline to hit ;)


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