UT40K: The Chosen Although 40K players and other Mod Teams may not have herd about us, we have in fact been going on, for quite a while. The fact that a ModDB page was never set up for us has only just been brought to light. We are a small but dedicated team, devoted to bringing the universe of Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 to it's full glory, using the UT3 engine. While we have been toiling in the shadows, we have actually managed to release a Number of Public Betas over the last year and improve on them with each upgrade. We are devoted to remaining as close to the publish code rules as we possibly can, to the point where we have implemented both the JAM system, for the Terminator Assault Cannon, and a fully functional vehicle damage system, complete with Front, Side and Rear armour values and features all of the ways of disabling a vehicle (e.g. Crew Stunned, Weapon Destroyed, Immobilised and all the others) We have two mostly functional races available; The Imperium's...

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Dec 3 2009

Unreal Development Kit

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Dec 31 2010

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Jan 5 2010

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Nov 8 2009

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