A balance modification for Wargame: Red Dragon. Uralgraznomod's changes include but are not limited to: a renewed emphasis on mechanized warfare, with reduced prices for most tanks, a reduction in the influence of "super-units", whose successful use can determine the outcome of the game, standardization of infantry weapons, rebalanced artillery, new 'reroled' units for the USA, USSR, North Korea, ANZAC and others, aimed at filling gaps in those nations' inventories, and ripple fire capability for missiles with semi-active guidance.

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DOWNLOAD & README: Steamcommunity.com[1]

Please follow the read me for success with installation!

PATCH LOG: Docs.google.com[2]

There's literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of edits so I wont do a full detailed change log for each unit but more generally describe the changes.

However there is a reasonably detailed outline of the changes below:

Uralmod 2.0 Patch Notes:

At this point we are only a short distance away from basically being a total gameplay conversion for Wargame: Red Dragon so please forgive any omitted changes as we might forget some as we do them. If you see anything that looks amiss, please let us know! Such a large project is certain to have bugs that sneak up on us as it is very difficult to track all 1618 units that are in the game at the moment.

Current Mod Team Members:

-Shan Revan
-Vasily Krysov

Important Contributors

-power crystals

New Units:

-ZTZ-96 for China
-Chonma-ho 5 for DPRK
-Pokpung-ho for DPRK
-T-80A given Kontakt: +2 armour. Renamed T80AV
-T-64A converted into a T-64B1
-T-80 converted into a T-80B1
-T-72B1 converted into a T-72A Obr. 1984
-M/95 wheeled transport for Denmark
-New US Recon unit M981 FIST-V (reroll of M113 ACAV).
-New Chinese Recon unit, Exceptional optics jeep based on BY5020TSL.
-ATGM I-TOW, an infantry I-TOW system for USA, replacing the Redeye team.
-I-TOW, an infantry I-TOW system for ANZAC, replacing the MILAN team.
-I-TOW, an infantry I-TOW system for CAN, replacing the Blowpipe team.
-ATGM HJ-8, an infantry HJ-8 team for China, replacing the HN-5A team.
-ATACMS re-roled into a regular M270 HE
-M151A2 TOW re-roled into a M270 DPICM cluster launcher for USA
-MIM 146 ADATS system for USA, replacing the M48 Chaparral.
-Both ADATS (Canadian and US) buffed to 55% accuracy.
-Patriot nerfed to PAC-1 status (MIM-104B): 5000m range against jets, 2800m against helis, 70% accuracy. Price set to 100 and availability to 4/3. Still one card.
-Roland-3 EOS added to FRG and France. Replacing the FRP Roland 2 and Roland 1 respectively.
-Polish Osa-AK replaced with Osa-AKM EOS (3150m anti-helicopter range, 2625m anti-jet, 55% accuracy, SACLOS guidance)
-HQ-61A replaced with HQ-64 (to give red dragons a RADAR SAM with more than 2 missiles)

Deck System Changes:

-Mixed decks are still removed from this version.
-Deck unit restrictions have been adjusted and vastly opened up for the three main types, Armoured, Mechanised and Motorised. Make a new deck of these types and be amazed at the new possibilities!
-Deck bonuses for Armoured, Mechanised and Motorised have been expanded.
-Marine deck have access to all forms of aircraft be it land or carrier based.
-Osa series, T-80B1, T-80B and T-80BV have been added to USSR marines.
-M1A1 added to US Marine decks
-Norforce, Vickers Mk 11 and NZSAS added to Commonwealth marine decks


-Minimum of 350 seconds of autonomy for all ground units.
-Cluster bombs have had their blast radius buffed by 150% to increase overlap
-MANPADS leveled at 4 HE


-Many APC/IFV have had their availabilities and prices buffed, this is outdated but gives a good rough idea.


All infantry antitank weapons have been revised in their characteristics. You can expect infantry AT weapons to be much more potent in general, with full details here:


All infantry MG’s come in four types.

STAT MG’s offer the best firepower at range but cannot be used in CQC. Shock recon squads are real Rambos and can fire theirs on the move if armed with this type of weapon.

CQC Belt MG’s offer the best CQC endurance performance but cannot be used as effectively on the move. CQC Box MG’s are very accurate on the move, but are more vulnerable to morale damage. Machineguns within any of these categories are total stat clones of eachother.

-Gornostrelki have access to BTR-60/70
-USA Marines can now be taken in LAV-25’s
-M134 and Mk.19 HUMVEEs transports have been added to USA
-All transport humvees are 10HP and 1AV
-Fusileers '90 replaced LAW80 with CG M2
-Kutei ‘90 given the PzF 3 so that both Japan & South Korea have access to a >20 AP launcher
-Delta Force replaced LAW with CG M3, M60 replaced with Stoner 63 (cosmetic change)
-Riflemen 90 swap M60 for M240 (cosmetic change)
-Recon Rangers renamed Force Recon - added to marine spec, removed from others
-Light Riflemen '75 turned into RANGERS (standard shock infantry)
-Light Riflemen and rangers now get V-150.

-Piechota Zmech, Motostrelci and Bochongsu now have RPG-7V.
-Created new RPG, the Type 69-II. It has the same stats as the Type 69-III and is assigned to Jeog'90s
-Type-69-III rpg has been boosted to 22AP and given to Li Jian '80s in place of their base Type 69 so that both China and North Korea have access to >20AP launchers
-In light of Li Jian ‘80s new found usefulness they have had their transport options expanded to the same options as Li Jian ‘90.
-AUG Para renamed to F88S-A1C
-CAR-15 Renamed to M4 Carbine
-F88S-A1C converted to elite carbine.
-M4 Carbine converted to shock carbine.
-SG-543 converted to elite carbine
-M727 converted to elite carbine.
-BMP-3 Arkan now has 40% Stabs


-All command units have been made much cheaper, for example:

CV jeep = 30pts
CV T-72K1 = 60pts
CV Leopard 2 = 110

Full details here:


Tanks Price List:

-Many tanks have had their availabilities adjusted, very cheap tanks have only one card and very little per card. We *don’t* want them to be used!

-With the increased numbers of tanks running around, we found that their aggregate HE firepower was simply too much. As a result, HE4 has gone down to HE3, HE3 has gone down to 2.5. The exception to this are the American 152mm guns, which retain their HE4 and the BMP-3 100mm which stays at 3HE.

-Very many tanks have had their stats adjusted, so be sure to look through the armory for changes.



Air Defence units have been given big increases to their anti-plane ranges across all types with heavy SAM systems maxing out at a range of up to 5km. Medium SAM systems (like Osa) max out at a range of up to 3.75km. Short range systems have also received more modest buffs as well. Full details of this SAM cost/range/price rebalance and AAA availability are described here:


-Howitzers and Mortars characteristics revamped and in short, it is no longer all about high tech artillery, mortars and M109 spam. Fully described here:



-BMPT is now armored/mechanized
-ATGM Vehicles have been re-priced to cheaper levels, but reduced to one card to discourage spam of them.


-USSR/DDR Mi-8T is now unarmed, 15pts
-USSR/DDR Mi-24A has ATGM removed, is now 35pts.
-POL/CSSR/CHINA/NK Mi-8T is now 20pts
-All Mi-8/17 with S-13 are 25pts
-All Mi-8TV are 25pts
-Ka-29 set to 30pts
-Sokol Iglas swapped out for Groms
-Ka-50 Vikhrs are now ripple-fire


-F/A-18E Super Hornet moved to air tab, given 6x AIM-120A and 4x AIM-9M, becomes America’s new high-end fighter
-F-15C downgraded in capabilities to make room for the Super Hornet.
-DPRK MiG-29 transformed into an excellent and stealthy IR missile ASF.
-DPRK MiG-21’s given HE AGM missiles that are stat clones of Swedish Rb 05A.
-AGM-12C Bullpup is now a stat clone of Swedish Rb 05A.
-Su-25T Vikhrs are now ripple-fire.

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Uralgraznomod 2.0 Full Release

Uralgraznomod 2.0 Full Release

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Uralgraznomod V1.5a

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If only the dev would have updated the mod through the development of the game. Now all this work has been made useless :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So is this mod no longer being updated?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

will this mod be steam friendly, and not force the game to run a validation of files and screw up the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

will this mod be updated to new version of the game that is out now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

after the installation, the data all works fine but there is such problem with the unit icons, all the icons stay as old units, just like the ZTZ-96 still shows up as 63-1, so how can I help with it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Any timeframe where the update will be posted here?

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Update please I love your mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Very nice mod :) combine with some of my infantry texture.

This mod a lot more fun than vanilla. Thank you

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