Urak is currently in Heavy Production, and will not be ready to play for quite awhile, however Urak is a Custom Total Conversion mod, featuring 6 custom factions, New units Using Game Resources and some Custom ones,a Brand Spanking new Map, and a new refreshing way to play Rome: Total war

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The Attic Empire
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Replaces the Senate, Very Roman Like and Diverse

The Attic Empire, the Most feared, as well as Respected forces in Urak, they Govern much of the known world, after the initial Conquest's of the Empire, King Yarsineus came to Power, and instead of Subjugating the Lesser Nations under his Shadow, he pursued a Visage of Peace between the City Stat of Mantia and the Seafaring Kashar Empire, he Even Extended his Hand to some of the more Prominent of Riken Tribes. Peace and Prosperity Fell upon Urak, But as time passed Yarsineus began to gather enemies in the Court, and he grew to old to Keep a Tight grip on the Throne, and Tarsus Ether overthrew Yarsineus in pursuit of what He called the True Attic Empire. Yarsineus went to Tilis, and sparked a Revolt, creating the Lands of Tilis in his Wake, he would Die of Old Age before he would see his dream Imagined, but he Had Weakened the Attic Empire Considerably and as Mantia Withdrew its Support, it seemed the Attic Empire was Destined to Fall.. But now is the Time to Rise even greater then your Ancestors, and to Make the Attic Empire even Stronger then she once was, now is the Time for Glory and Conquest, now you Rise.

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