Urak is currently in Heavy Production, and will not be ready to play for quite awhile, however Urak is a Custom Total Conversion mod, featuring 6 custom factions, New units Using Game Resources and some Custom ones,a Brand Spanking new Map, and a new refreshing way to play Rome: Total war

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North Riken Tribe Badge
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Replaces the Gauls, Like the south Tribes, Fast and with Massive Numbers, however the north has an Elite Warband Choice

Strong and Bloodthirsty the Northern Riken Tribes are known for their massive numbers and their sternness. the tribes initially had been separate, until a warlord known as Kanis ister began annexing other tribes under his Banner, and began forming a large Horde. Promising Riches and land to those Who Fought believing in a Those who were Strong should Rule. His Dreams were to be Short lived as another War band of Southern Tribes under Kijak "Bloodhound" faced his Oppression, after Many Skirmishes the two War bands Forged a Ceasefire and ended the Conflict... But only temporarily. Now Rise once again as you Forge a new path and garner yourself the loyalty of all the Riken Tribes and Rise tall against the Forces Growing outside your lands...

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