Urak is currently in Heavy Production, and will not be ready to play for quite awhile, however Urak is a Custom Total Conversion mod, featuring 6 custom factions, New units Using Game Resources and some Custom ones,a Brand Spanking new Map, and a new refreshing way to play Rome: Total war

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Lands of Tilis
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Alehart Author

This Logo May Change. im still iffy about it

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Replaces Armenia, Fast Attack Specialists, Heavy use of cavalry and screening forces, nothing really heavy hitting, but can easily outflank an enemy.

The Lands of Tilis, born out of Rebellion seeded after Former King Yarsineus lost his throne to greed at the head of the Attic empire. The lands of Tilis had Formerly been independent but as the attic Empire Stretched its hand across the Lands the Tilean People grew weary, they held a large Stretch of land, and governed Peacefully Leaving their Haratian Neighbors to themselves, and Enjoying Peaceful Trade with Haratia, Mantia, and the southern Tribes. but when the Attic Empire Grew and began subjugating the Peoples of Neighboring lands the Tilean Peoples mobilized for war, under a Federation of local Tribes, Riken Mercenaries, Haratian and Mantean Support, they Marched to defeat the attic assault. They Fought Hard, but Could not hold out to the Attics Superior Numbers and Superior Arms. they fell one by one, the Manteans Withdrew from the Conflict seeing no End, and left to themselves. the Tileans were the Last to fall, but even after their Final City fell, dissent had its eerie Shadow cast across the lands, now they rise again, to defeat those who slaughtered your people, and subjugated your Lands, this is your last stand, and your Final attack. Destroy the Attics, Bring peace and Prosperity to your People. Rise once again.

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