Urak is currently in Heavy Production, and will not be ready to play for quite awhile, however Urak is a Custom Total Conversion mod, featuring 6 custom factions, New units Using Game Resources and some Custom ones,a Brand Spanking new Map, and a new refreshing way to play Rome: Total war

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Hitting a Snag


ive been working heavily upon making the Riken Factions completely Playable, but ive continually hit snags that have forced me to Retry again and again. its getting Quite annoying at this point, but alas i will keep trying, to give a run down of some of the issues....
Ive replaced the Riken tribes with the scipii and julii family's im gonna switch them out even though ive made all the badges for them, i can simply do a quick file rename and Blamo.

However with creating the units it seems i continually get the ol

*Unit size __ is invalid unit Size*

This is Important for this Faction specifically but i have no Clue how to work that one out, so i may just go as high as possible with certain units, and just make them cheap to make. but weaker of Course (for Balancing Issues) and see if that works. but yeah its been a clusterfuck as of late so now i have to redo about half of what i already had down in the hopes this works out better. im now gonna replace the Germans and the Gauls as the barbarians models were going to be the Placeholders i used.

But that's Just an Update, hopefully in the next 2 days i finish them. if this works finishing the Other Factions will be a Breeze. and then i can do hard work on making the Game map which will take AWHILE. but i will release a early build on the Vanilla map so people can get a feel for the Factions. once map is done ill work on Custom models and such. releasing a few builds meanwhile fixing bugs and then hopefully once im done with custom content

then Everything should come together.

Though Probably not.

Love, Papa Alehart

Snowbeetle - - 84 comments

Dead ?!?

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GandalfGaming - - 32 comments

dead so sad to see every fantasy mod die

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Albert_woe - - 10 comments

Hey there I was wondering if you guys can teach me how to mod I have a lot of spare time and I would be willing to help work on it I'm a big total war fan and I would appreciate it.

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Undead0345 - - 1 comments

interesting, I have no idea about what this mod is suppose to be about but I like hearing about it so far :)

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Alehart Creator
Alehart - - 7 comments

Well that's always Good to hear, ive been busy, but ive been slowly chipping away at it. i may even make a Literary Counterpart to this eventually. Hopefully it lives up to Expectations, mine and everyone else's.

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RedDragonX - - 13 comments

I too look forward to seeing more about this mod I'm always happy to see the original Rome get some love

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