Uplink OS is a total graphical modification to 2001's indie cult hit Uplink: Trust is a Weakness by Introversion Software. It aims to bring a fresh look to the game's cyberpunk visuals and a much needed upgrade to its interface and usability.

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Best mod ever

Uplink was a phenomenal game in it's day, and UplinkOS has breathed a fresh life into this old classic. Streamlined and efficient, the new interface makes Uplink fun all over again!


Amazing mod to an amazing game. After this you can’t go back to vanilla.


Achi1 says

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Transforms the game and makes it more modern


What an excellent Mod. Gave the whole game a shot in the arm after playing it for 15 years.

Streamlined a few of the more frustrating aspects(by 2020 standards) and given a complete graphical overhaul, it's even compatible with my Ultrawide monitor.

Very impressive!


k4k4 says

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Loving it! Brings new life to classic game.

Great Mod! It completely brings new life to Uplink. I can't image playing Uplink with out it. The new interface is very convenient and aesthetically pleasing.


Good reskin of a older game.


Great game made so much better by a contemporary UI.
Probably haven't seen all the augmentations but it's safe to say this polish makes the somewhat dated look into a worthwhile and allmost new experience.