Unsung, a World War I adventure in Wolfenstein 3D, lets you slog through the trenches in true pixelated FPS fashion.

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A free game of very good quality and fun. Also wolf3d with strafing! One of the few shooters in WW I. No install no dosbox no register, just download unzip and start playing even on Win7 and Dreamcast, amazing.

Very good looking and diverse, don't forget we talk about a wolf3d mod so this is especially nice. It got its charm.

I get lost all the time, just like in Wolf3d, I happen to curse it for not having a map but then remember thats how it always was and probably supposed to be.

I dunno if its a game limitation but a bit more than 4 weapons would have been nice. That said the ones we do have are really nice and I like that I can reload.

The sound fits, could be a bit more diverse, maybe some artillery sound in the background but overall I am pleased by the sound.

Maps are very well done with lots of love put into them while making. tents, artillery sites, trenches, woods, I shot a guard on the toilet. There's even more I haven't explored yet.

Some nice moments like the sani asking not to be shot. Needless to say I did shoot him.

The comic cutscenes, gotta love that.

Some kind of Multiplayer would be great but again I don't know if that is possible at all. Some LAN deathmatch over hamachi or something.

To not rate this game a 10/10 would be... I dunno just rate it a damn 10!

Edit* There is also a survival mode! Uber Awesome! This I miss in most todays FPS and this one got it! Superb!

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Its weird having to face the same rifle toting troops, the regular kind of trooper should come in variants with a MP40 or the trench shotgun (one of the few shotguns actually modified for war use). I think that the flamethrower dudes really need faster movie flames because I have not been hit once as of yet. That level with all those trees is really badly designed, the trees are way to far apart that it makes it difficult to tell whether you can get passed them or not. If you want players to know…

Jan 28 2013 by TheUnbeholden