Flash forward 50 years after the destruction of the Skaarj Homeworld by the Dimensional Rifts. The entire Skaarj race has vanished leaving no trace. Nobody is too sure if the Race simply died out and their bodies were destroyed by the plague of Dimensional Rifts, or if the Skaarj themselves sought refuge in some alternate dimension. The remains of their planet though have become a gold mine for a certain human corporation. A conglomeration of Weapon and Spacecraft building companies known as the "United For Earth" corporation (U4E) has, over the past 10 years, been slowly plundering the scarred Skaarj Homeworld for all kinds of new technology and biological treasures that have accumulated on it's surface from the dimensional rifts. The sheer amount of materials they recovered were beginning to overwhelm their labs and testing facilities when one of the company presidents suggested a more pro-active testing policy; The U4E Tournaments! Formed at first as a smaller league...

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Just recently I actually just played this mod for the first time, and it is great fun! Lots of weapons, my only complaint is that weapon textures look very low reso (alot more outdated than the vanilla weapons), though that is understandable cause of the huge number of weapons in the mod.

I also really like that you can choose which weapons are spawned so you can choose and create themes matching the themes of maps.

The weapons themselves are great fun and just feel good.


I give this mod a 10! It was one of the first UT mods I had ever used, and I fell in love with it then, and I'm still in love with it now. There are tons of kickass weapons in this mod as well as pretty cool characters.

If I could make one complaint though, it'd be that the textures of the weapons look somewhat low in resolution, but I can easily look past that and it's understandable, given the large variety of weapons included.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the maps included with the mod. I totslly love them.

I've played this a lot alone and on LAN, wish you could port this for UT3 ^_°
extremely nice weapons, i love the jedi sword!
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One of the first mods I ever played for UT, and to this day one of the best. MaxSMoke and his team did a great job on this, and I only wish they'd have finished carrying the project forward into future versions of UT.


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