You are a bounty hunter sent to Na Pali by Inuit corporation to find the crashed ship, Vortex Rikers and termine surviving prisoners and recapture three rogue AIs that were on board and then get to gravity lift taking you to planet moon where you will call for dropship to pick you up. This is a rework of a cancelled Playstation port of Unreal by Pterodactyl Software Ltd, which had all exclusive content. About 75 percent of content was recovered. This project wants to achieve finishing up of the content, retexturing the maps, making them 100 percent coop playable, fixing scripts, finishing them up and filling up holes of not salvaged content.


Fixes several issues with the maps that are present still, those are fixes for the maps that appeared in the LITE release and for some reason slipped the critical betatesting. This solves mostly issues related to server crashes, hangups etcetera. Also added new translator messages, for e1l6c by me and E1L5Mine by Delacroix (a corpse log).

E1P2 Critical Patch
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