The mod is based on the famous game maker game MKF and i will use all of the songs from that and probably some of the graphics.The character and scripting development of this mod aren't in mind for now because the maping,textures and models are much more improtant stuff also the music because the game will need a really big soundtrack since it's going to have so many dimensions.The point of the game will be to have fun and look around for quests missions.You will also face many dangers.The hardest on dificulty levels are planned to be the half life & doom levels because they have allot of aliens and monsters which is required for a game like this one.Now for now the game is in slow development but hopefully i can make the time and post it.I hope everyone will be patient.The biggest cool stuff in the game will be just looking at it in the end.The files will be in a folder because i want to.I might also think of adding rotten egg dimension (say what!).That will be the worstest idea ever so its perfect.Hell worlds from horror in this game and still i say it will take me a WHILE.

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Redesined !?!

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I have to redo everything because it's definetly not going to be an rpg game.I desided to change it into only adventure and now i will redo it completely and make it more interesing for u all :).The gamme will have so many changes and further work on mapping.Be ready because this work isn't easy for me at all.Also since school is over i have all the time in the world to work on this and make it advanced so yeah...Did anyone want to play....HELL YEAH !?!

Blue_Dust Creator

Thanks but i have to work on youtube for a while so dont expect new vids soon...

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Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! If you make any cool videos and/or other media let me know and we could post it on the Sandbox blog :D

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