Welcome to Unholy Darkness, a complete vampire overhaul for Oblivion. I spent over a year making this mod, slaving away late at night, weekends and my spare time. My main goal for this mod for the player to actually feel like a vampire, and to experience many thrills exporing the deep dark secrets of the vampire underworld as they discover the powers of their new unlife. It is a dark curse, and so it should feel like one. There are some disadvantages to being a vampire, but also great powers no mortal could ever experience. I want to thank GURUSR for his scripting, Sinblood for his artwork, and the community for their help and undying support, and encouragement. Also for many great ideas which came up along the way.

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General compatibility issues
In general, you should try to start a new character from
scratch to use this mod. If you insist on using an older character, try
to pick one that wasn't a vampire before, or one who was cured of
vampirism. Also, make sure not to use any other mods which alter
vampirism. Try to avoid mods which change the races to use different
eyes. OOO & Deadly Relex 5 work fine with Unholy Darkness. We are
working on making UD more compatible with old save games.
I said yes, I want to become a vampire, yet nothing has happened yet.

The maker will not come for you until you leave the tutorial dungeon.
My Character doesn't have fangs when I unmask darkness?
This is because the morph is set weak to avoid making
"ugly" vampires. To give your character fangs, you have two choices.
Edit the CS and replace your characters race with fangs I've provided,
or open the console and type set aaaslowprocessquest.vampmagnitude to
100 then press enter. Save your game, reload it, and you may have to
toggle vampirism a few times, but you should have fangs then. If you
don't like the morpning of your characters face, install scanti's
nochange morph, link is above.
My thrall doesn't have fangs or blue eyes, they still look human?
Oblivion doesn't change NPC's appearance dynamically
like the player can. Save your game and reload it, they should look like
a vampire then. Sometimes, you may have to save your game, shut down
Oblivion and then restart it before they will appear like a vampire.
How come my thrall can't feed on a sleeping person?
Oblivion's pathfinding isn't always perfect and they might be getting
stuck and can't reach the NPC. Other problems could stem from Animation
mods. We're trying to resolve this.
I'm getting CTD's when I unmask darkness, force feed or when hunger messages appear.
Any time you transform into a vampire, shaders are applied to your
character. Certain clothing mods conflict with this, and can cause crash
to desktop when you unmask darkess (which happens automatically when
you force feed, or go into cravings). Try changing outfits to resolve
the issue.
I'm getting a lot of CTD's.
Make sure you have 2 gigs or more of memory, Oblivion with lots of
mods requires a lot more memory, and low memory is the biggest reason
Oblivion will CTD. Try removing any mod you don't need, or buying more
memory. Some users have reported success by using gamebooster.
Nothing seems to work right. Quests don't work, I cannot transform into a vampire, the menu doesn't activate.
Try starting a brand new character, and make damn sure you have
OBSE18 installed. Re-download it, even though you know you had it, and
reinstall it. Not long ago, I had version 18, only to find out it was
17.2 in reality.
Everyone's eyes are messed up, all the NPC's.

You must have a mod which has changed out the textures and eye meshes to
all the vanilla NPC's to something that uses a dual eye texture.
Beautiful people or perhaps elaborite eyes. I haven't had time to
investigate these exactly, but some users have reported them as what
they thought to cause the issue. Make sure your eye textures for vanilla
races are a SINGLE eye on the texture, not a dual eye like Ren's or
Beautiful People use.
To see debug messages, type set unholydebug to 1 in the console. Then
save your game, and load it, you should see a version pop up. Make sure
you have the latest version installed.
Where do I get support?

The ONLY way I will support you is if you join my forum and post here
People who support the mod and bought the audio files have my email and
are welcome to email me directly if I don't happen to visit the forums
or miss your post. But generally speaking, the forum is the best way to
get support, I monitor it and everyone else there can help too. We have a
nice little budding community.


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