When the Combine raid your Resistance hideout, you are forced to flee into the depths of the Outlands. But with Overwatch forces hunting you down, and the local fauna out to get you, danger is always just around the corner. Play through four chapters of Half-Life gameplay, exploring new locations, meeting new characters and uncovering lost secrets.

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I feel like this was an extremely good and well-polished mod. This mod has a lot of the feel of original Half-life 2 and episodes, and left me feeling good throughout most of it.

The settings this provided were great, there were some nice little secrets around a potential conspiracy theory, and everything had a polish that I kind of expect from Half-life 2 itself. Not perfect, mind, but to the point where it felt like it could have been canon. There were some areas regarding things being climbable that it seemed clear you shouldn't climb, but they aren't game breaking.

My biggest complaint was that some of the battles were a little repetitive (particularly the ending ones) and that there wasn't a special place for the gnome from the beginning to go in the end (that I could find; I'd love to be proven wrong.) It was also a little too easy for my taste, which might not necessarily be a bad thing. The voice acting wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst.

A solid mod for people looking for an extension to Half-life 2.


Well, this one's really damn good, I must say.


OJJ0874 says

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While I wish I could give this mod a 10/10 notable flaws that are prevalant throughout the mod have lowered the score for me which is a shame considering the time it took to develop the mod.

First off the intro is very well made and really feels like a full on invasion forcing the player to run away, this was my favourite part of BeginningVille and still holds up to this day as one of the better HL2 chase sequences.
But after the chase the problems start to arise with the slow raft where you have to fend off Fast Zombies, Manhacks and Soldiers all at the same time with very little space to move in, not only this but straight after you're forced to fight a hoard of soldiers while waiting for a lift to pick you up and if you die during this then you're sent all the way back to the spot before the slow moving raft. This was fine in BeginningVille as it was at the end of the pair of levels and therefore the end of the difficulty curve but in this mod it is right at the start of the mod and therefore should be close to the start of the difficulty curve.

Right after you fight Acid Antlions which do come in droves but they're relativley easy to fight so it's not too much of a problem, the problem arises when you get ambushed by them and escape under a door my health was low at this point so when I saw item crates I ran towards them only for the floor to give way under me and then have me attacked by more than 5 HeadCrabs at once which killed me.
One of the more ridiculous combat encounters happens soon after wherein you fight spitting Antlions, a guardian and a Gunship all at the same time, meaning very little cover from the gunship as you need to be constantly dodging projectiles and hitscan to survive.
Killing the sniper with a canister would've been very satisfying and inventive but I just shot a rocket at him and he died long before I could do that so the effect was taken away.

When I reached the river I jumped in to avoid enemy fire only to get a game over from the 2m drop into water, this water being toxic would've stopped me from doing this and having to replay from the fireable canister.
I don't have much of a problem with the river, it looks good and plays good apart from one area near a secret area in the pipes where I didn't realise there was a second switch so I went exploring and found my way out of the map by jumping on a container like I did with a secret area found previously in the mod, this was how I found the secret room with the word "Borealis" written on it, I wish I found this legitimately instead of by easily getting out of the map.
The Strider battle was weird, the ramps made it seem like you had to jump into the Strider with the boat to kill it like in the R&D mod but it didn't seem to do anything but shooting it felt much more effective and easier so if it did damage the Strider shooting it was much more viable.
Being dragged through water is a highlight of the mod, it is a well made setpiece with a few surprises on the way but it's unfortunate that it's the last part of the mod that I liked bar the bridge collapse.

The ending map was very painful, for one you have to fight about 20 soldiers at once (one with a shotgun and (2?) with AR2s) and then you have a hold out battle with very little warning and time to prepare your health/armour, it turned into a game of "find the exploit", this time being hiding behind inside the armour charger house and poking out to take potshots with a shotgun until the ammo runs out and you are forced to run around like a headless chicken to get smg ammo until the helicopter arrives which was enough time to play three 2+ minute tracks. The final battle doesn't really feel like a finale, there's no big bad and it's almost like the same combine battle i've had atleast 5 times in this mod before but longer.
It is a shame I had as many problems with this mod as I did since it is well made and polished minus dropships visibly disappearing but this is probably gonna be HL2 MOTY'15




Perfect level design.
Super gameplay and a good level of puzzles.

There are some haters who rate a mod without completing it, or crying that it is too hard. I played a mod on hard difficulty with a grafted MMod. Believe me when I say that the difficulty was pleasant and gradual (of course you must have the skill from FPS and know how to cover self), I did not encounter any frustration or error of the script.The campaign is quite long compared to other modes, which is another plus.

This mod is among the top 10 mods that lengthen the story of HL2.
In some parts the modification surpasses the original HL2, really great experience. I can only recommend.

"Uncertainty Principle" 'was' a very well designed and great mod -- one of the most underrated HL2 user-made mods I have ever played. The level design for the most part was fantastic and the 'swamp boat' action sequences were so well done that they were comparable to that of the 'official' HL2 game.

Unfortunately, the VERY ENDING of this mod mostly ruined it for me......hence I typed that this 'was' a great mod, instead of 'IS' a great mod.

The VERY ENDING of "Uncertainty Principle" throws countless enemies at you simultaneously and is ridiculously, impossibly-difficult -- forcing you to use BOTH an 'invincibility' cheat as well as constantly reloading the 'all weapons' cheat ("impulse 101"). Simultaneously, during this time, an attack helicopter appears which requires no less than about 50 rpgs to bring it down.

There were also a handful or two of 'error scripts' throughout this mod (doors not opening, etc.) requiring the utilization of 'noclip' cheats in more than a few parts of all maps. The VERY ENDING had no end; that is, I was unable to officially finish: After I took down the helicopter.....there was nowhere else to go: I utilized a 'noclip' cheat to traverse throughout the last portions of the map....and there were no more locales available that I had not traversed...I apparently was unable to reach the very end, hence.

Mostly because of this, I rate "Uncertainty Principle" a 7/10.....when it could've been easily an 8.5 or higher out of 10.....

Поначалу мод заинтересовывает, в моде очень простая история, но его подача очень сильно заинтересовывает тебя, ни один мод с простой историей меня так не заинтересовывал, но, к середине игры, у автора кончается фантазия и дальше мод не представляет из себя что-то особенное, я даже не нашёл объяснения пасхальным текстам. А жаль.
Initially, the mod was very interested, a mod with a very simple story, but the plot`s feed fascinated me, not a single simple mod interested me so musch, but after the middle of the game, the author fantasia ended and next there was nothing unusual in the mod, i didn’t even find an explanation of the Easter texts. It is a pity.


Mr1987Joe says

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Impressive mod ruined by unintuitive map design, excess difficulty, and the same questions that plague a high percentage of HL2 mods; a couple of which are:

1.) Why does ANYONE other than Gordon Freeman have an HEV suit? I can buy the idea of having one in a mod like Minerva. You know why? Because it's commented on, and the fact that your guide seems to be some kind of extradimensional intelligence means it's not much of a stretch to assume she could have acquired one, at some point.

I don't see any of that, here. Why does some random resistance member have one of these incredibly rare, technological relics of the old world? It makes no sense.

2.) Why is the exact same buggy from the original game now in a completely different region, complete with a mounted tau cannon; yet, another relic of the old world?

3.) In the same vein as the HEV suit, why is there another singular oddity of science, the gravity gun, just conveniently lying in a sewer?

4.) Why are all of the weapons vanilla-type, except for the AR2, which is now uncharacteristically yellow and of a different model? Either change them all, or leave them how they were. Modifying one of them is like cutting down a single part of a hedge to plant something completely different in its place, and it's always an eye sore.

5.) Why is there an airboat? Did the resistance secretly open up factories to mass produce exact duplicates of vehicles from the original game?

"Introducing the new Resistance Motors Corp. Airboat, available in one color. Get yours today at LOW, LOW PRICES!"

When I say "ruined," I don't mean that it's poorly-made. A lot of people will enjoy it, just like a lot of people undoubtedly have, already. I'm just very picky, and I didn't like it. If you're like me, you probably won't, either.

Good parts:
+ level design
+ puzzles
+ atmosphere
+ voice acting
+ length (cca 1,5 - 2 hours)

Weak parts:
- (almost) no story
- (almost) no friendly npcs
- dificulty balance in some areas

Almost as good as the mod Downfall, also true to the HL2 universe. Recommend to play. :)

Длинный и интересный в плане геймплея мод. Жаль что его тянет вниз крайне посредственный визуальный ряд.

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I feel like this was an extremely good and well-polished mod. This mod has a lot of the feel of original Half-life 2 and episodes, and left me feeling good throughout most of it. The settings this provided were great, there were some nice little secrets around a potential conspiracy theory, and everything had a polish that I kind of expect from Half-life 2 itself. Not perfect, mind, but to the point where it felt like it could have been canon. There were some areas regarding things being climbable…

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