Works on porting various models/vehicles/static objects. All ported into Men of War.

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Some preparation updates for current packs and possible future ones.

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First off hope everyone had a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. Been a while since I've done one of these.. both in December it seems.. anyway progress updates essentially on F.E.A.R 2/Homefront/Halo[yes Halo] so without further need to explain I'll just let the photos do that.

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The Replica forces now have mobile walking power armor known as REV6, with fully working legs/animations and allows for one driver controlling both the movement and guns. Only needs a few more tweaks before its done. May release a V1 pack of F.E.A.R soon.

US Homefront

The scattered US military has finally arrived.. in the wrong country.. well.. shit. So will be a bit longer before I fully finish the US side and not having touched the KPA remaining solders yet plus not porting main characters in yet I figured I'd show what I have finished so far. Both with working weapons for each specific class and sounds. Should have it done by early or late January

Possible Halo Pack

With Section 8 fully done, Homefront only needing a few more tweaks and Syndicate just about done as well I figured I might try my hand at Halo. Note this will be nothing like WC and be mostly just a pack for the UNSC. I've finished the marines for the most part and may do main/side characters if asked enough times. ODST included and two spartans for now, I may end up doing the entire noble team.

The weapons are all pretty much done as well, its more or less of a we'll see release still not 100% Lemme know what you think.

Thanks for reading[if you did] all the way to here I appreciate all the interest in these small packs I do for fun mostly. Seeing this community make custom scenarios is why I do all of this and hope to see more interest in MOW in the future of new people. I don't mind suggestions/questions or even feedback so feel free to.


these look great, can you by any chance do some fallout 4 as well? i think this game is very well suited for a fallout theme

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UsernamesMeh Author

I've already ported some fallout stuff from NV/3 so I might do those first then 4.

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