The ultimate goal of this mod is to renew the Shogun 2 Total War experience while taking care to keep its original flavor. With this mod one tries to vary the different possible avenues for the characters (generals, ninja, metsuke, monk, etc.) and the clan (skill trees, technological tree, chain of buildings, etc) without complicating the game. Veterans and new players will be able to play this mod without the danger of facing an impossible learning curve. In addition aesthetic elements have been added for immersion improvement, as the name of all units have been changed to represent as closely as possible the terms used during the Sengoku Jidai and also new daimyo models have been introduced. So if you are interested in diving into this game that has aged very well and still manages to compete with the most recent Total War games, and if you are already bored with Three Kingdoms and you wish to play a real good game, Ultimate Immersive Mod is for YOU!

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