Ultimate Empire at War is a conversion of Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. It aims to include four eras of Star Wars history: the Age of the Old Republic, the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the Dawn of the New Republic in an re-created game that is more engaging on both the tactical and strategic level, enhancing gameplay and deepening it, as well as overhauling the graphics in the game. In short - EaW the way it was meant to be - spanning Star Wars history in a deeply strategic game with high quality graphics and challenging gameplay.

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i say keep the old lasers that ueaw made

the only thing is they look to bug remember these guns arent massive there just small compared to the ship

so no keep em but just scale em down a bit and increase the speed a bit

srry geroenimo no offence but i like the ueaw lasers more but they need adjusting ^^

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Jeroen(imo) Author

Now that is a good piece of constructive critisism, I wish more people could comment like that, got my thumbs up. No offence taken ;)

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few ^^

and i just noticed i spelled big as bug :P

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yours are more movie looking , the lasers in star wars are not " tear shaped "

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i'll put my vote towards ueaw lasers for the same reason

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yeah ok they may not look like in the movie but sins when do objects not obay the rules of physics

ok maybe in space the objects dont move like tears cause there is no drag to shape em that way

if we go by that what stops the lasers from being just i little round object and turn into a perfect straight beam ?

this type gives it more realisme thats why i say keep the ueaw lasers and just scale em down and speed em up

o and by the way the ueaw team put allot of thought and work in these projectiles so why not give em some shoulder taps for it and actually use em

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yeah you know lasers dont tend to have mass :)) cause they're light , literally they're light ;))

ooh and if you will use the ORAW lasers make them a little bit bigger both in lenght and in width

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This is Old republic at war, ORAW for short and NOT Ultimate empire at war. Why the hell am I uploading this pic on UEAW and not ORAW? Because you guys seem to hate the current laser effects in UEAW, and wanted to put up a vote for you guys:

Do you want these lasers to replace the current heavy turbolasers?

Comment yes or no, and also why you want so. Technically the lasers belong to Darkawakening who made them for ORAW, but as we are partners now we can share resources, like these lasers. (Ofc they will be scaled to fit ship sizes if you guys like this, in oraw ships are smaller therefor the lasers appear small)

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